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The Unmentionables Over The Degenerates

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    Perry Friedman: I was planning on reloaded through Naismith

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Posted 09 July 2006 - 09:07 AM

Winning Team: The UnmentionablesWinning Player: NaismithLosing Team: The DegeneratesLosing Player: VatcheTime of Match: 1 minuteNothing really to tell. I turned a bigger ace than him on the previous hand and then he got really unlucky.Seat 6: Vatche0 ($1,275 in chips)Seat 7: Naismith0 ($1,725 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSVatche0 posts blind ($10), Naismith0 posts blind ($20).PRE-FLOPVatche0 calls $10, Naismith0 checks.FLOP [board cards AS,3H,7C ]Naismith0 checks, Vatche0 bets $30, Naismith0 calls $30.TURN [board cards AS,3H,7C,7H ]Naismith0 checks, Vatche0 bets $70, Naismith0 bets $175, Vatche0 calls $105.RIVER [board cards AS,3H,7C,7H,10D ]Naismith0 bets $300, Vatche0 bets $600, Naismith0 bets $1,200 and is all-in, Vatche0 calls $450 and is all-in.SHOWDOWNNaismith0 shows [ 7D,10C ]Vatche0 shows [ 7S,4H ]Naismith0 wins $450, Naismith0 wins $2,550.

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