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Team Ramrod Over The Werthy Jerks

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#1 Gary212121


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Posted 18 June 2006 - 04:28 PM

Recap:Team Ramrod represended by gary212121(stprocker)Werthy Jerks represented by lovejerk0The match started out with a few small pots that only went one bet and fold. Lovejerk0 for the werthy jerks took the early lead with a few of these pots and by chasing out gary212121's pocket 9's with a healthy re-raise before the flop. THE BIG ONE: blinds 10/20, gary makes it 60 from the BB with KJ clubs. Flop comes Q 10 8 with two clubs. Gary leads out for 70 and is called by lovejerk. Gary decided to check the turn which was a blank and then lovejerk fires a bet of 300. Since it is impossible to fold with that many outs Gary calls the 300. Turn is a red 9 giving gary the nuts. Gary bets 600 and lovejerk moves all in and shows J 9. Ouch! Tough hand for the jerks after flopping what old timers like T.J. Cloutier would call a "joint." At that point the Jerks were down to 140 in chips and after doubling up on their Q 10 vs. A 9 by spiking a queen on the river, Ramrod limped with QQ and the jerks moved in with AJ and the Queens held up. Good Game Jerks.approximate match length: 10 mins

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Posted 18 June 2006 - 06:34 PM

winning team...team ramrordlosing team...werthy jerkswinning player...stprockerlosing player...lovejerk0time of match...10 min.

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