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Viva La Jopke Over Lost Leader

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Posted 04 June 2006 - 12:25 PM

Winning Team: Viva la JopkeWinning Player: WKTSWAYLosing Team: Lost LeaderLosing Player: OolingFCPTime: 8 min.After 5 hands, we were still close to even at 1500 each. I picked up T7 in the SB and raised to 60, GWC called. Flop came Jc 6 Tc. He checked, I bet 60, he called. Turn came 8c. He checked, I bet again for 120, he called. The river came Td, and although I was afraid of the flush, I was preparred to call as long as he bet less than the pot, and I may have still called if he bet a little more than that. He bet 400 and I called. He had a 99 with one club (missed the str8 flush) and I won a big pot and was up 2250-750.We played a lot of hands in between that hand and the last one. I took a lot of small pots and he took a couple of larger ones.The last hand, I had 2250 to his 750. I was dealt 63 in the BB. He called preflop and I checked. Flop came 4 7 9. With the gut shot, I bet 30 and he called. Turn came a 5, so I got the str8. I bet 50, he raised 50 more and I just called. River came a J. I bet 150, he raised to 400, and i raised him all in. He called with the 55 and the losing set.
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