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Team Zimmer Over Looshle's Losers

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Posted 04 June 2006 - 08:14 AM

Winning team: Team ZimmerWinning player: Zimmer41410Losing Team: Looshle's LosersLosing Player: Looshle0Time of match: 13 minutesHe played more aggressively early, and got me in a small deficit. Then we had a huge pot where he raised the button to 50, I reraised to 150 with AT, he pushed, and I called. He had A3, and my hand held up. After that, we played a few small pots, then got it all in with my 22 against his QT. He turned a flush draw, and rivered a Q. A few hands later, we got it all in with my A2 vs. his AT on an AK44 board. A river K gave him the lead again. A few hands later, we got it in with my KK vs. his TT. I held, and had a 5-1 lead again. A few hands later, my 66 vs. his AT, and 66 held up for the win.
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