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Cheap Thieves Over Cigar Lovers

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Posted 21 May 2006 - 01:08 PM

Winning team: Cheap ThievesWinning player: jayboogie23Losing team: Cigar LoversLosing player: No_Neck0Time of match: 39 minsI'd say this was probaby the Game of the Season so far. It was overall a great match and well played. I was impressed with No_Neck's play, he mixed it up well and was playing a lot post-flop. The match took up most of my attention eventhough I was playing like 5 other tables, which is why I was trying to move in a lot pre-flop and hope to double up when I had a big hand for the most part or sensed some weakness. I also noticed that he was reluctant to put his chips in the middle PF without a big hand not wanting to double me up, so I used that to my advantage to make a little comeback.I missed a ton of draws and made a lot of 2nd best hands initially, I'm sure I got bluffed once in a while as well. I made a lot of river laydowns that I'm not sure were correct or not. I was down to 200 chips at 1 point though, so it reallly was a pretty sick comeback.I was missing most of my draws at the beginning and made a few 2nd best hands to start off the match be behind quite a bit. I found myself with a 4:1 chip disadvantage pretty quick and was desperate to stay afloat. Eventually I got down to about 200 chips and was fortunate to steal a couple pots to get myself to 400 before I doubled up once again with 69 on a flop of A69 where I check/called the flop and No_Neck moved in on the turn if I recall right and I called. He had JJ, this brought me back to 800 and gave me some life.The next key hand was when I limped with KT and he raised PF and I called. The flop came AK rag and he bet and I called. The turn was a A and he bet again, I had a decision to make whether to go all-in or fold and decided to go with my read and move in there and he folded. This pot brought me back to even and a few hands later with the chip lead the final hand ended the match. I had j9 in the BB, No_Neck limped in and I checked. Flop came 8T rag with 2 clubs and I checked, he checked behind. The turn was a 7 also clubs and I led out and bet, he called. The river was another 7 and I bet again, he raised and I moved all-in and he called after some thinking with 97 and that was the match.

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Posted 21 May 2006 - 02:01 PM

It was a great match, I hope I have a chance to play again. Everytime you moved in I had T3o or some other garbage, the best hand I folded was QTo, at that point we were almost even money.I have really been working on the small ball approach and I think it is working, most of the time I can catch people but Jay was able to avoid all my cleverly layed plans. Great match I wish we could get each others hand histories I would love to see how it went down.BTW I had 5 sets three of those proabably filled up and couldn't get any action on any of them.

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