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Oh You Call I Call? Over The Czars

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#1 troyomac



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Posted 07 May 2006 - 12:26 PM

Winning Team: Oh You Call I Call?Losing Team: The CzarsWinning Player: troyomacLosing Player: Czario0Time of match: 20 minutes. Troyomac started out somewhat aggressive and built up a 1700-1300 lead early, before Czario took over with some very aggressive play. Czario stole control of the match without troyomac realizing it, and started to slowly chop away at troyomac's stack, first gaining the lead, and then knocking troyomac down to about 650 chips. Over that span, troyomac had a couple decent preflop hands, JJ once and made a tough lay down on an AAQxx board, and a few hands later picked up AQ with a flop of AQx, only to see Czario fold to his standard postflop raise. Once troyomac reached 650 chips (to Czario's 2350), he picked up pocket 8's, and moved all in on the turn on a 10-high board. Czario went into the tank, and eventually called showing K-5 for a pair of 5's. The river bricked, and Troyomac doubled up to get back in the game. A few hands later troyomac picked up KK, and won a large pot with a board of KQxxK, to take momentum of the game away from Czario. The final hand, troyomac was dealt AdJx and made a preflop raise. Czario called with Qd9d. The flop came out K high with 2 diamonds, and Czario led out with a just over half-pot sized bet. Troyomac made the loose call, and the turn brought another diamond making Czario a flush and giving troyomac the nut flush draw. This time Czario made a 300 bet (just about half his chips), and troyomac chanced it with a call, knowing that this was his chance to bust Czario, a player who had outplayed him most of the game. The diamond fell on the river, and troyomac got all of Czario's chips in the middle to take Oh You Call I Call's first win of the season. Good game Czar.

#2 The Czar

The Czar

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Posted 07 May 2006 - 12:53 PM

Definitely a good match. Well played troyomac. Obviously I was surprised to see the muck option pop up on that last hand. :club: Overall, a good match, though. Good luck in the future.
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