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Cheap Thieves Over Beerains

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Posted 07 May 2006 - 09:41 AM

jayboogie23 of Cheap Thieves defeats dna4everfcp of BeerainsTime of Match: 19 minsSummary:That was an interesting and fun match to play with a lot of action hands. I got off to a quick chip lead and almost had DNA down and out, but he survived and retook the chiplead at one point before the cooler hand Kings against Queens finished it off.Interesting Hands:Note: These may be a little off because I don't have the hand histories and am doing this by memory.Most interesting Hand was when I had 67 in the BB. DNA raised out of the SB and I called. Flop came out A 5 9, I checked, he bet out about 60 I think and I raised to 180 and he called. Turn came a 3 and I checked and he bet out I think around 200? I called because I picked up a double gutter and he made it too cheap to fold. River was a 8 and I bet out 500 and he called with AJ. That gave me over a 2:1 chip lead.Another one was when I had 55 against DNA's A2 of spades that was all-in PF when he had only about 400 left. Flop came 2XX with 2 spades and turn was a 5, but that was a spade, giving him a flush and myself a set and some outs for a boat. River was a blank and he doubled up.One other interesting hand was the hand that got him back to even. I had AK of clubs in the sb and raised to 90. He called out of the BB. Flop came 2 4 6 with 2 spades. He checked, I made a continuation bet of 150 or so. He called. Turn was a 7 and he checked as well as me. The river was a King of Spades. He bet 300 and I just called and he flipped up Aces.The last hand was of course when I had KK and raised in the sb and he re-raised and I went All-In and he called with QQ. Board didn't help and I took the match.

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Posted 07 May 2006 - 05:30 PM

was a great game. would play the same way again. I think i made a pretty bad call with AJ on the ace high board when you hit your gutshot straight on the river. Lots of hands beat me, but your bet seemed like an overbet and there was a missed flush river and I thought u were trying to buy it.I'll call a reraise all in all day with QQ HU, just unlucky you had one of the two cooler hands.Again, great match, congrats.

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