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Da Bears @ Team Arenas

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Posted 07 May 2006 - 09:40 AM

Da Bears (smokewagons) defeats Team Arenas (Gilbertology) in 26 minutes.The match was virtual deadlock for the first 15 minutes with Gilbert in the lead about 1.6K to 1.4K the first half and me in the lead 1.6K to 1.4K in the second half. Then came the following hand to put me in the lead 1.9k to 1.1kNO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $10+$1 (Real Money), #453,698,112gilbertology's Single Table Tournament, 7 May 2006 1:09 PM ETSeat 3: Smokewagons0 ($1,590 in chips)Seat 6: gilbertology ($1,410 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSSmokewagons0 posts blind ($10), gilbertology posts blind ($20).PRE-FLOPSmokewagons0 bets $55, gilbertology calls $45.FLOP [board cards 7S,QS,4S ]gilbertology bets $80, Smokewagons0 calls $80.TURN [board cards 7S,QS,4S,QC ]gilbertology bets $100, Smokewagons0 calls $100.RIVER [board cards 7S,QS,4S,QC,10S ]gilbertology checks, Smokewagons0 bets $500, gilbertology folds.SHOWDOWNSmokewagons0 wins $990.SUMMARYDealer: Smokewagons0Pot: $990Smokewagons0, bets $745, collects $990, net $245gilbertology, loses $245This hand was interesting because I held pocket tens filling up a boat on the river. I put Gilbert on a big spade so I thought this would be the end of the match, but I guess I was wrong.From here Gilbert came back to almost tie the match up by grinding away at the small pots and then falling back. This whole match was grinding away at small pots with only 2 large pots played and one was a split pot. The second and final big pot came with me having a 2k to 1k chip lead.NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $10+$1 (Real Money), #453,733,980gilbertology's Single Table Tournament, 7 May 2006 1:20 PM ETSeat 3: Smokewagons0 ($2,040 in chips)Seat 6: gilbertology ($960 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSgilbertology posts blind ($15), Smokewagons0 posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOPgilbertology calls $15, Smokewagons0 checks.FLOP [board cards 7S,9S,10H ]Smokewagons0 checks, gilbertology bets $70, Smokewagons0 bets $200, gilbertology bets $860 and is all-in, Smokewagons0 calls $730.TURN [board cards 7S,9S,10H,2D ]RIVER [board cards 7S,9S,10H,2D,KS ]SHOWDOWNgilbertology shows [ QC,10C ]Smokewagons0 shows [ 9D,7H ]Smokewagons0 wins $1,920.SUMMARYDealer: gilbertologyPot: $1,920Smokewagons0, bets $960, collects $1,920, net $960gilbertology, loses $960My two pair held and that was the match. All round good game Gilbert.

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