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Cc Riders Vs Cheap Thieves Recap (long)

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Posted 01 May 2006 - 09:19 PM

The match started out slow, with kidpoker conceding the first few pots to me. He then started playing his usual aggressive style and I countered by mostly calling preflop and checkraising the flop with any piece of the board and a few bluffs. My strategy was to see a lot of cheap flops, mix up my play with good hands, raising about 75% of the time, and limping on the button with trash hands and some strong hands. He was getting the better of me when I couldn't catch a flop for a while until the first critical hand, where I was bluffing and he was calling me down with a weak flush draw. We both checked the river, giving up, and I won with 9 high.Kidpoker tried to trap me several times, once showing down a flopped set after I didn't bite, then he finally got me. Plenty has been said about this hand, but I had A2 vs his 23, and we got it all in on a flop of A45. Match over, gg. Except for the 3 on the river that gave me a chop, the chip lead, and new life.He got the lead again for the next big hand. He raised from the button and I reraised with AQ. He called. Flop was KKx with 2 diamonds, I bet half the pot and he called. Turn completed the flush. I considered betting out with the QD in my hand, but decided to check. The pot was big already and I thought he would either check it back or move all-in, but he bet less than half his stack. I decided to call, thinking I need to improve, but he is definitely capable of bluffing here. The river was a blank, I checked, he moved all-in, and I took my time. I felt like I was getting outplayed and could virtually end it here if I caught a bluff, but was convinced his partial bet on the turn was trying to suck me in instead of a bluff and mucked. He claimed to have the nut flush in the chat.I somehow mounted a comeback again to make it close for the next key hand. He raised the button and I again reraised with AQ, kidpoker calling. Flop was KQx with 2 hearts. I bet around half the pot and he called. The turn was JH, putting possible straights, flushes and lots of draws out there. I had no heart, but felt my hand was good, and tried to protect the big pot by moving all-in. He practically ran out the clock thinking, but mucked, later claiming to have JT.This gave me a fairly big lead and after exchanging a few small pots, the final hand was really uneventful. I believe he was the button and raised. I called with Q8. Flop was 8 high rainbow. I check-raised him and he moved all-in, which was a fairly small raise and I had an easy call. He had T8 and my kicker held up to win the hand and the tournament.I think it was a very well played match on both sides. I didn't see many of his hands, but I think the cards were about even. I believe I won more pots than he did due to aggression, but he seemed to win the bigger ones to keep the lead most of the match. He had me down a couple times, and out once, but I got one lucky break and kept fighting to the end.

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