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intuition in poker

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Posted 19 October 2005 - 12:21 AM

So Im grinding out at the .50/1 LHE tables and I get dealt JJ in late position, its two bet to me from EP with one limper. I 3-bet, raiser and limper both call. Flop comes down ragged, 8 high. EP bets, MP calls, I raise, EP calls and MP folds.The turn is a red ten and I immediately say to myself: He has pocket tens and he is going to check raise this turn.He checks to me, I bet, he raises. I call, river is another low rag and he bets, I call.He turns over pocket tens.Do you find yourself in situations like this a lot? I mean, I just knew it the second that ten hit in my gut he had two of them in his hand and I dont even know why.I think this is the type of intuition players like Doyle Brunson speak of which separates average players from great players. Im not saying I am a great player in any way and when it comes to playing LHE I about ninety percent odds and ten percent intuition, but in the countless hours Ive spent playing live and juicy NLHE games, I think my intuition has won and saved me a lot of money and I use it a lot more than ten percent of the time.What about you, how would you rate your intuition in poker?
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