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an out-of-position no limit hand in detail

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Posted 04 October 2005 - 12:30 PM

akishore said:

ironically, this is the same reason that i *don't* raise them preflop out of psoition when the stacks are deeper.let's say our stacks are 200 bb each.i raise under the gun with AA-QQ to 4 bb. you can call profitably with a lot of hands, because with a lot of flops, you can expect a very good chunk of my stack since i'll be betting a lot of flops and usually turns if you call a flop, and being out of position, etc.let's say i limp under the gun with AA-QQ. theoretically, your implied odds should be better, right? not really. i play these same hands quite differently postflop.the pot is a lot smaller on the flop, which means the bets will be smaller throughout the hand. i will also be more aware that there are a wider range of hands out there, so i will be less inclined to play my hand for just a pair on coordinated flops. i will also gain tremendous deception if i hit a set. i will also gain tremendous deception on ragged flops where i feel my pair is very likely best, etc.just because i limp doesn't mean you have better implied odds. the reason is specifically because i play the hands differently postflop by limping them.aseem
Aseem, I've read many of your posts and usually agree with you a lot in regards to the way you handle limit games, but you played this so weak and scared that I have no idea what you are doing in a NL game. Your whole stack is on the line every time you enter the pot in NL. If your not willing to fight with the 3rd best starting hand in the game against a loose opponenet, you really should just stick to limit. Your position means less once you are heads up with a premium hand. If you are going to play Q's this weak utg, you might as well muck them preflop.You raise this preflop from any position. Since you didn't you raise or check/raise this flop to put the loose player in his place and find out if he has a king. Calling down is really weak.

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