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Should I Call This

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Posted 06 November 2013 - 11:11 AM

What are you representing PF with 32? The first caller only has to call 22 into 50+ and anyone after that is that much more priced in. If you are going to 3-bet, then do it!! A larger 3-bet will also make it easier for you to fold to a 4-bet ... unless they think you are loose loose with this move and 4-betting you light. Forget your holdings for this move, but do it with a meaningful sized bet so you can take it down or cross fingers (that would be the time to worry about your holdings).

I agree this is a much better move with 98/97 than K10 ... This is a great board and yet you have nothing, yet!!

The side is so small that I probably flat here and let the other guy shove or just shove the next street. If the side was a bit bigger then I would want to be a bit more aggressive and min-riase to start the side pot before the other player can just take advantage of the odds to call into the main and fold if he misses the Turn or you hit your fush and are forced to bet out on Turn.

Ok move, need bigger bet though ...
Better than you deserve Flop and yet you have nothing ...
Stacks are too small to fold here ... and yet you are only calling with at best 2nd nuts potential and runner runner draws.

You may have been up, but hopefully you see that one hand like this can ruin a session in a hurry ... GL

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