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Questions About The Stats Of 1k 5$ Sng's

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#1 Nathrax


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Posted 20 March 2011 - 02:58 AM

Hello folks.Ok, so now I've played almost 1k of the 5$ SnG's on FT, and it's time to evaluate what the stats say, which is what I need some help with.What I wonder is first and foremost this:1) The ROI, is 5% really enough to move up, or should I play another 500 or so SnG, and only evaluate the last 1k of those?My idea here is that the first 300 tourneys or so skewed the overall stats quite a bit.2) The ITM stat, is my 37.4% normal for this level?3) The red graph tells me I should've won quite a bit less than I actually have, should I be worried?4) Are the swings depicted in the graph normal for this SnG level, or are they extreme in any way?Any constructive input is welcome.Thanks in advanceNathrax

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#2 potatoman


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Posted 21 March 2011 - 03:31 AM

I think you should be getting a higher ROI at the $5 level - 10-15 percent before moving up.That said, it wouldn't hurt, if you have a decent bankroll, to take shots at the $10 level. So if you're multi-tabling, sign up for $10 sngs a 1/4 of the time and see how you do over 100. If you're getting clobbered, stop and work on your game at the $5 level. ITM of 37.4 isn't terrible, but I would aim to get that up past 40 percent.

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Posted 06 April 2011 - 09:17 AM

you can probably get higher than 5% at a $5 stt. itm is good, but make sure we are exploiting bubbles and not just limping into the money. 1000 sngs is not enough really to evaluate if you are a good sng player or not. you could easily be running bad and be better than a 5% player, or you could worse. they really are a brutal game, and its just too hard to tell if you are ready or not by just seeing a 5% roi over 1k games.
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