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Stumble Into River Nut Scoop

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Posted 16 October 2010 - 09:31 AM

Conventinal wisdom says OOP into 3 players take your free flop and check/fold flop, at best hoping to check around to a gin 10 on the turn. I am not conventional. More importantly except for SB, this flop hits me more squarely than any of the other players in this hand...unless their danglers somehow made contact. I get one caller from MP. He's the tourney chip leader by a lot though. I expect him to call here with a very wide range. The turn adds a realistic low pull as well for me. I repped 8T on the flop though. The fact I made this play OOP (kinda necessary as my A4C flop range is paramount in this line) puts me in a pickle here on the turn. I ultimately decide to continue with the 8T representation, so i have to fire out a large bet, as if I'm now trying to price out/tax a low draw. I get snap-called. In retrospect I probably should have shut down this farce on the turn, hoped he checks back and see if I catch gin or make a low to checkdown, etc. Even in this exotic play. My logic was that my low draw is good fairly often now when the 2 hits on the turn. I didn't want to put myself into a check/call situation and hated folding at this point, so I continued with my representation. The river is gin for me. I now switch gears from deciding how to play this river (i) if i brick outright or (ii) semi-brick, make low to now having the nuts.I totally fouled up this river bet. I failed to respect the following things I was just thinking moments prior:-I've been repping a nut high only type hand from the flop.-All draws miss this board, except for the connecting rundown i've been repping the whole timeIn retrospect I should have tried to extract an insanely thin value here, betting like 1k or something, to try and get a crying call from his pair/2 pair hands. The only way I lose value here is if he calls with a set...but even then I think he gets away most of the time for much more based on my line. Plus getting to show this hand down would be great for my image, as I'm very TAG in about 98% of my PLO/8 tourney play. The advertising could have paid off in spades down the road.Is this post-play analysis agreeable?Posted ImageA pack of feral cows chewed their cuds for .0043 seconds to convert this handPokerStars Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo ($20+$2) $100/$200 - 9 playersSB: $6,650.00 BB: $9,725.00 (Hero)UTG: $2,850.00 UTG+1: $8,424.00 MP: $26,090.00 MP2: $8,342.00 HJ: $5,505.00 CO: $5,690.00 Button: $12,669.00 Preflop: ($300.00) Hero is BB with :3h :4h :ts :D (9 players)UTG calls $200, UTG+1 folds, MP calls $200, 4 folds, SB calls $100, Hero checksFlop: ($800.00) :D :jh :5c (4 players)SB checks, Hero bets $400, UTG folds, MP calls $400, SB foldsTurn: ($1,600.00) :qh (2 players)Hero bets $1400, MP calls $1400River: ($4,400.00) :club: (2 players)Hero bets $3200, MP foldsHero collected $4400(Rake: $0)

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Posted 16 October 2010 - 10:37 AM

i think your flop bet was pretty thin. and pretty may be kinda nice. its kinda spewy unless you are trying to set some metagame dynamics up. i like the turn bet and the turn bet sizing a lot thou, great turn to barrel and sets up either hitting rivers that improve you or you have a ton of spade rivers you can bluff ( that is if people at your table have a working fold button and your image is clean enough for it.)
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