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Basic Omaha and Stud Strategy

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Posted 26 May 2005 - 09:29 AM

I have been playing cards for about 6 years now, but I'm finally taking it seriously and trying to improve my play. I played everything in college, including the lame wild card games (baseball, etc.), but towards the end of school and since I have been playing mostly Hold'em (Limit, NL, and PL). My main focus is PL Hold'em. I like the small initial stakes with the possiblility to go all in with the nuts (or bluff) if the pot is properly built up. I have been venturing off into Omaha 8/b, which was always my favorite game, and 7-Stud because I get bored playing Hold'em all the time.That being said (I felt the need to explain myself, since I'm a 'noob'), I really get lost early in the hand when I'm playing Omaha and Stud. I know that the betting and reading principles are the same, but I have trouble putting a value on my hand. In O8/b, I know that AA23 double-suited is about the best hand you could start with, but from there, I have no idea what the Top 10 hands are. Same thing in Stud...obviously starting AAA is ideal, but what hands are playable and which ones are junk? It's so easy in Hold'em because the math was simple enough to produce charts to show the odds of winning each possible hand. When you have 4 or 7 cards, that math becomes almost impossible.Are there any charts or basic books that explain the basics of getting started in Omaha, O 8/b, and 7-Stud?Thanks in Advance, Dan

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