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Interesting Hand

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 04:05 PM

Sorry couldn't find an omaha converter that works with UB. If anybody knows of one, let me know.Wasn't sure what to do on the flop here. If he has AA in his hand im drawing to one card, but with the board structure, both straight and flush draws exist. Do we like a call or a raise here?Stage #1911709923: Omaha Pot Limit $1 - 2010-02-17 17:44:47 (ET)Table: SHRUB ST (Real Money) Seat #1 is the dealerSeat 1 - RSHAWK ($151.35 in chips)Seat 2 - LORD_ERIK ($124.35 in chips)Seat 3 - SUITED64WOOF ($66.30 in chips)Seat 4 - DANMAN123 ($127 in chips)LORD_ERIK - Posts small blind $0.50SUITED64WOOF - Posts big blind $1*** POCKET CARDS ***Dealt to RSHAWK [Qh 7h Qd 7c]DANMAN123 - Raises $3.50 to $3.50RSHAWK - Calls $3.50LORD_ERIK - Calls $3SUITED64WOOF - Calls $2.50*** FLOP *** [6c 7d Ad]LORD_ERIK - ChecksSUITED64WOOF - ChecksDANMAN123 - Bets $14RSHAWK - ???

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Posted 17 February 2010 - 05:15 PM

deuces cracked i think works with everything. at least absolute, tilt and starsuhm, depends on reads of the utg opener, but with QQ77 i think we can 3 bet this pre and work or position/ isolate with this. also, i fire a psr on that flop bc it is not super likely he has AAxx so we need to get the flush draws and combo draws charged while they are still behind/ flipping. i raise the flop and fold to a 3 bet, but if i knew villain throws his stack around a lot i could find a push on that flop. i mean the sticking point is here we are so deep that we kinda have a problem bc we can push a ton of his range out of the hand, just charge him for drawing. lets see what tyroso says
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Posted 25 February 2010 - 07:13 PM

110% call here.This is a perfect example of the importance of position in PLO. I see why you'd want to raise....to isolate this villain and push out any draw hands. It's far too dangerous here though. You have to use your position, flat this flop, and see what develops. You could have a flush/wrap straight draw preparing to C/R behind you. You have a high SPR in this situation so we want to approach the next card cautiously and reevaluate. We're not ready to make this guy's range 100% AA, but we have to keep it as a real enough possibility. So many things can happen on the next card that allow us to take a plethora of lines.oh and rumsey, we could 3 bet pre- with our position in a multi flatting flop.....but naked double pairs is better to take a flop and see what we get from there IMO

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