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Tough River

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Posted 16 January 2010 - 08:53 AM

iPoker Network game, so no converter, sorrySeat 1: Button ($42.64 in chips) DEALERSeat 3: SB ($368.22 in chips)Seat 5: BB ($41.90 in chips)Seat 6: UTG ($63.27 in chips)Seat 8: MP ($50.00 in chips)Seat 10: Hero ($58.37 in chips)SB: Post SB $0.25BB: Post BB $0.50*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hero [:4s :5d :as :qd]UTG: FoldMP: FoldHero: Call $0.50Button: Call $0.50SB: Raise (NF) $2.50BB: FoldHero: Call $2.00Button: Call $2.00*** FLOP *** [:js :4d :4h]Pot $8SB: CheckHero: Bet $8.00Button: Call $8.00SB: Fold*** TURN *** [:kd]Pot $24Hero: Bet $12.50Button: Call $12.50*** RIVER *** [:kc]Pot $49Hero: CheckButton: Bet $19.64 All-inHero: ????I've been getting really mad at myself lately for calling in spots like this on the river lately - it feels like they are never bluffing and I'm always paying off. Still, what has he called down with that's beating me?
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Posted 16 January 2010 - 10:14 PM

i do a lot of things differently to be honest. first, standard open then fold to a 3 bet if OOP, call if IP. second i check/raise turn. to be honest i think we need to fold this river. I mean a naked flush draw, AA and junk, are all kinda possible, and it is hard to put him on KXXX. Depends a ton on any reads thou. Hard to put him on better bc we wouldn't expect him to float the turn unless he has quads or a boat. We are only beating AJXX, case 4 with junk kinda hands. Its just kinda hard to put him on a hand in general here. which is why i hate the turn lead, and the bet sizing to be honest,...The hand we where still legitamently getting value from, KJXX has us beat now, ugly river.he called turn knowing it was going in on the river. that means he doesnt have air most likely. So, check seems much better. If we lead, aka if we think we are ahead of his range here based on reads, then we need to go pot and call off his shove. By leading we force ourtselves to call a shove, even if we had just bet 1/3 pot. Now what do we do if we do check? this is where reads are everything,... if he is aggro, we check raise. To be honest even if he isn't, i think we are then priced in to get it in. the problem with leading is it leaves very little chance for weaker hands to show up, but checking keeps that door open. To be honest, and im not being an ass you are probably much better than me, what was your plan when you bet out on turn? bet/fold the small bit more? stabbing and hoping he folds? blocking to try and see a free river? Vbetting? Trying to induce the shove? I'm only asking bc you are the one with the reads on villain so only you can make sense out of this hand, bc it kinda went sketchy imo.summary: either get it in on the turn by betting big and forcing him to shove or c/r him allin. Letting him float turn is horrible for us. Also, the float either means he is god awful or has us so crushed.
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Posted 18 January 2010 - 06:59 PM

jj/j4/kj/kk(lolz)/k4one of those hands...everyone probably misplays. not sure what the optimal line is. SIMO 8BALL COME AND TELL US.

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