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#3469092 How Do I Become A Successful Online Poker Player? Seriously...

Posted dead money on 05 April 2011 - 06:27 PM

View PostPokerProDiva, on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011, 12:29 PM, said:

Hey everyone... long time reader, first time poster here! Iʼm hoping to get some advice/assistance from some of the more experienced players on the forum.Iʼm not a beginner at poker by any means, but Iʼd probably consider myself a “beginner” at online poker per se... or, at least in comparison to most of my opponents at the online tables! ;)I really just want be a better online player and possibly generate some $ in the process (as I think some of you are doing?)... I know we live in a day and age with limitless resources-- but I think thatʼs been a problem for me lol-- I donʼt know where I should be focusing my efforts!Iʼve looked at poker books, internet articles, forum posts... Iʼve even searched “how to become a successful online poker player” on YouTube! (*believe it or not, that youtube search was by far the most useful thing to date!)What do you guys (you guys that are consistently generated $ at online poker) think?I really appreciate any/all input on this matter.
Deposit $50. Play 100NL. Lose. Deposit $50. Play 100NL. Run it up to $300. Play 1000NL. Lose. Deposit $600. Play 1000NL. Lose. Deposit $600. Play 1000NL. Run it up to $5500. Play 5K heads up sng with Viktor Blom. Lose. Deposit $50. Play 100PLO8. Lose. Deposit $50. Play $20 sngs. Lose. Deposit $50. Play MTTs. Lose. Take the points you earn and get yourself a hoodie and a t shirt. Job well done. Now you will have learned bankroll management.