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Best Strategy For Daily Mtt At Local Casino

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#1 Wsop378


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Posted 31 March 2013 - 01:40 AM

Been playing a lot of daily MTT at local brick and mortar casino and looking for some good strategy advice for middle tournament play blinds are usually 1200/600 to 1600/800 blinds increase every 20mins starting stack is 10,000 chips average stack is usually 18 to 20 bigs.

I am having a lot of trouble in the middle game I usually have a good stack going into this part but blinds go up so quick that I find blinds and antes making me go short due to

1. Make one play at a pot and get caught like 3betting get flatted then c-bet only to get shoved on.
2. Going card dead for an 30 to 60min stretch.
3. Getting sucked out on the river (I know that is poker just venting)

Just looking for a good strategy for this style of MTT here is structure
50/25 no ante 45mins level
100/50 ". ". ". "
150/75 ". ". ". "
200/100 ". ". ". "
200/100 ante 25. 20 minute levels from here on
400/200 25
600/300. 50
800/400. 75
1200/600. 100
1600/800. 200
2000/1000. 300
2400/1200. 400
3000/1500. 500
4000/2000. 500
6000/3000. 1000
8000/4000. 1000
12000/6000. 2000 usually final table by this level or one sooner

#2 FARGOpokerND


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Posted 02 April 2013 - 01:00 AM

What in the world? What kind of tourney does 45min levels until starting stack is 50bb eff and then jumps to 20 min levels during the important part?

Most important thing to do is to learn shove charts. Assuming you know how to calculate M (SB+BB+Antes of everyone) then you can use this chart to have a better idea when it is profitable to shove.

Online, I may shove hands at the 5-8M range (the equivalent would be having between 30 and 48k at 1k/2k/300 according to your chart, where M = 6k) but in a live setting you can get away with raising there vs most live opponents.

I'd be shoving vs most people when my hand falls into the range at 5M and under unless, say, its an old guy that folds 95% of the time to a raise and it folds to you BvB, no need to jam when a minraise works so often.

Heres the jam chart I base my guidelines off of.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Those who continually falter in the middle stages are usually ones who have trouble keeping up aggression and picking good spots. Look for live tells such as how comfortable they are. Also you said you are running into problems where you 3bet and then cbet and get jammed on. If the average stack is 16-18bb, theres no way you should have enough chips in play to do all that. If you're 3betting and the effective stacks are oh lets say around 20-22bb or less, your 3bet should be a jam. Put max pressure on them.

Hopefully the shove chart helps you find more spots when you are card dead.

#3 Wsop378


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Posted 04 April 2013 - 12:11 PM

Thanks a lot Fargo they run this tourney at the BIKE in CA they call it the Quantum Reload and structure is definitely unique but it is their most popular tourney and gets 200+ plus people on fri-sun.

#4 Lankles


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Posted 06 April 2013 - 06:27 PM

Also, getting sucked out on the river shoudlnt happen, unless you're all-in. If you're not all-in you shouldnt be seeing many rivers.

Try to avoid flops. Rather than calling a pre flop raise with A-10 or something, either fold it or shove.

#5 TrueAce13


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 07:37 PM

some above the rim insight there lankles.

wsop, learn the shove charts, they are very helpful in fast-structured tournaments. Everything Fargo has laid out is really good.

Another thing you wanna do is adjust your calling ranges in certain spots. when stack sizes get so shallow, people are going to be jamming a larger range of hands. we have to combat this w/ adjusting to a larger calling range v certain players. Just try some of that stuff and keep trying to improve your game.
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#6 gadjet


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Posted 11 April 2013 - 08:59 PM

Again a nice post by Fargo... +1 the part about 3 betting should play as a Jam... I like the play of being the first to open a lot more than 3 betting in small live tournies (where hand strengths preflop usually play stronger).

I recommend tightening up your 3bet range (or at least the spots you look for ... i.e. keep it to players you know open light etc) because as fargo pointed out your 3 bet range has to become a jam.
and look more to be first aggressor with smaller bets...

Think about bet sizing.. can you get the same effect/information/result with a smaller bet? if you can then put in the smaller bet... those chips saved add up if you're the aggressor at the table... also this lets you get away when people play back at you and you don't need to go.
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