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Bayside Over Crunch Bunch

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Posted 18 June 2006 - 12:48 PM

Winning Team: BaysideLosing Team: Crunch BunchWinning Player: GoStags920Losing Player: gobearsfcpRunning time: 36 minutesWithin 5 hands, gobears had me down to $670 in chips. I made some horrible plays by drawing to open-enders and making some bad calls to some excellent bets by gobears. I blame myself for trying to watch the KidPoker match while trying to play my own game....stupid. Note to self, DON"T DO THAT! ;)Over the next 10-15 hands, I slowly managed to chip my way back to about a thousand in chips, where I picked up pocket 9's, unforunately, gobears had pocket queens. I think I played this one ok, as I managed to lose a small amount, keeping me in the match. After about another 15 hands, the following key hand came up for me:---------------------NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $10+$1 (Real Money), #618,644,009 GoStags920's Single Table Tournament, 18 Jun 2006 4:06 PM ET Seat 5: gobearsfcp ($1,845 in chips) Seat 7: GoStags920 ($1,155 in chips) ANTES/BLINDSgobearsfcp posts blind ($10), GoStags920 posts blind ($20).PRE-FLOPgobearsfcp bets $40, GoStags920 calls $30.FLOP [board cards 2H,QD,JH ]GoStags920 bets $70, gobearsfcp calls $70.TURN [board cards 2H,QD,JH,7H ]GoStags920 checks, gobearsfcp bets $120, GoStags920 calls $120.RIVER [board cards 2H,QD,JH,7H,4C ]GoStags920 checks, gobearsfcp bets $500, GoStags920 calls $500.SHOWDOWNgobearsfcp shows [ 5C,5S ]GoStags920 shows [ 4D,QS ]GoStags920 wins $1,480. SUMMARYDealer: gobearsfcpPot: $1,480gobearsfcp, loses $740GoStags920, bets $740, collects $1,480, net $740 ---------------------GoBears tried a poorly timed bluff, and with me catching my second pair on the river, I had to call. This put me back in the lead with 1900 to 1100 chips. At one point we got even again, but then through a couple of bad plays which resulted in suckouts, I managed to finish the match. Two flushes on the river did it for me.Excellent match GoBears.
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