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The Czar's Over Viva La Jopke

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#1 The Czar

The Czar

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Posted 29 May 2006 - 04:41 PM

Winning Team: The Czar'sWinning Player: Czario0Losing Team: Viva La JopkeLosing Player: ajs510-fcpTime of Match: Appox. 33 min.Summary:The Czar's took an early chip lead and had ajs down to around 500-600 chips. He proceeded to hang in for about 10 minutes at the same level. Then he began his comeback and eventually got it real close to even. His consistent preflop raising had me off a little bit, but I called a 3X raise and flopped a straight in one important hand. Ajs called a turn bet and I thought I had him, but he eventually folded to a river bet. We traded for a while and I think we both won a key pot with AK. He had around 550 chips on the final hand when all the money went in preflop. I showed 55 and he showed the AK. Seems like the pair never holds up, but this time it did and even gave me a 5 on the river for good measure. I enjoyed the match, but am not looking forward to ever playing him HU again. His style put me in a lot of bad spots where I was calling bets not knowing where I stood. Not comfortable. Good Game ajs and good luck to Viva La Jopke the rest of the way.
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Posted 29 May 2006 - 05:07 PM

Czar played an excellent match, bottom line. I felt like I was bluffing far more often than I wanted to be, due to the simple fact that I was missing seemingly every single flop and draw, no matter what it was. Open ended straight draw? Miss. Flush draw? Hit it and lose to a better flush, or miss it entirely. The flops that I would hit, I couldn't get any action on. If I checked, he checked behind, if I bet, he folded. I missed two flopped nut flush draws which got me into a chip defecit early and would have crippled me if I had overplayed them. My best preflop hands were KK (no action) JJ (had to fold to a big bet on a Q high flop, Czar advised that he had the Q) 10-10 (turned a fullhouse and won a decent pot) and AK (the last hand that lost to 55). I think Czar was confused because I changed gears at least 4 distinct times during the match. At times I would raise with 3-4os, other times I would limp with 10-10. One glaring error was not betting the river with the only full house I made, but the river card seemed like a goldmine for Czar, as it completed both the flush and the straight draws on the board. Could have been a big turn in the match but I misplayed it. Again, Czar was a worthy opponent, and I feel that the only way I could have beaten him was if the cards fell differently. GG.

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