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cardplayer's update - 1500

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#1 murmar


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Posted 04 June 2005 - 01:52 AM

Hellmuth flips up the Kc-Kh, and Kumar shows the Ad-Ks. The flop comes Ac-3h-2h, and the "poker brat" begins his rant. Starting off as a 2.3-1 favorite, Hellmuth is now a huge underdog, needing the case king or running hearts to bust Kumar. The turn brings the 4c, and the river the 5c, and Hellmuth ships approximately $14,000 in chips to Senthil Kumar.anyone see a problem?

#2 KCrimson


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Posted 04 June 2005 - 02:04 AM

No....get off the conspiracy theories you fishcake.A pair beats a straight right?

#3 blinky


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Posted 04 June 2005 - 02:08 AM

i hope thats reported wrong, or else fillmaff is gonna be mad

#4 bmwguy525


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Posted 04 June 2005 - 11:02 AM

It's most likely a misprint....Anyone here think that Hellmuth WOULDN'T catch a straight on the board?? Sure he's loud but he's been playing this game for how long??? :roll:
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#5 dscoot


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Posted 04 June 2005 - 11:05 AM

heres my takethey got it exactly right. they split the pot. that alone is a suckout because ak is such a dog to kk. if u notice , cardplayer says, hellmuth ships approximately 14,000 in chips over to senthil. that 14,000 is the amount senthil put into the pot himself with his 6k raise and 8k allin call. the 28k pot was expected to go to phil, but he had to send 14k of it to the other guy.

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