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Big Paire Facing A Raise With Smallball Strategy

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#1 TheGiorgio


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Posted 05 February 2007 - 09:00 AM

Hi,I like to play with little raise on tournaments as you describe your small-ball play on your blog, raising 2.5bb with every handBut I would like to know how you play preflop with big pairs AA KK QQ with a raise in front of you.Do you try to trap ? Do you allmost raise to isolate ? how much ?waiting for your book to know all your strategyGiorgio

#2 coreydino


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Posted 10 February 2007 - 02:40 PM

Well i'm no DN but since he hasn't replied I'll give my not quite as expert insights...I find it's far better to re-raise with these hands and isolate an opponent, I hate playing big pairs against 4 or 5 players because I made it too cheap for them to muck their maginal hands.I also like to reraise to get a little more information on the strenght of the original raiser's hand. If you have QQ and he's sitting there with AA or KK flat calling the raise will can be very expensive in the long run, especially if you arne't very experienced play post flop. I learned lesson this the expensive way a few of years ago...

#3 Swift_Psycho


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Posted 22 February 2007 - 05:18 PM

OP, you will generally get more responses if you don't post in this section, since this section is specifically for Daniel's direct posting of threads only.

#4 pokerguy33


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Posted 27 February 2007 - 01:19 PM

I agree with the above statement, don't try to limp in with big pairs QQ-AA in multiway pots, way to dangerous. Raise these big pairs to isolate your opponent, the more times you limp or slow play these big pairs the more you will be seeing your KK and AA getting cracked by people limping in with SC's. One big rule in NLHE don't ever go broke in a multiway limped pot.
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