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The Degenerates Over 5150's

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Posted 02 July 2006 - 12:37 PM

Winning team...The DegeneratesLosing team...5150'sWinning player...Vatche0Losing player...ChaosnhavocTime of match...48 minutes****************************************************************RECAP:started off grinding away for a small chip lead, and slowly built up to 2k before we had our 1st big pot...i had 2 mid rags semi conected(8 6 maybe?) and called his raise preflop...flopped 2 pair and lead out 50 into an 80 pot, he click-raised me and i moved all in, he called me with JJ...he turned a flush draw which gave him additional outs and the river double paired the board counter fitting my hand...then i went on a little card rush and took the chip lead again...we went back and forth till this hand came up...i raised to 350 on the button with A2s(blinds at 50-100), chaos went all in for 900 with A10 and i called...flop was 3 4 5 and it was over...i got lucky with this one. GG chaoshere is an intresting "Vatche Fun Fact"...i am 0-3 in this league with matches that go under 35 minutes and im 3-0 in matches that go over 35 minutes.

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