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Cheap Thieves Rebuild Year Two 2018-19

03 March 2018 - 01:34 PM


Duncan Keith, CHI. $7.75
Damon Severson, NJ. $0.75 $0.75
Erik Gustafsson, CHI. $0.25
Joakim Ryan, SJ. $0.25 $0.25
Mackenzie Weegar, FLA. $0.25 $0.25
Sebastian Aho, NYI. $0.25 $0.25
Alexandre Carrier, NSH. $0.25 $0.25
Marcus Petterson, ANA. $0.25


Nicklas Backstrom, WAS. $13.75
Patrice Bergeron, BOS. $6.50
Nolan Patrick, PHI. $3.00 $3.00
Sebastian Aho, CAR. $2.00
Colin White, OTT. $1.50 $1.50
Jayce Hawryluk, FLA. $1.50 $1.50
Mitchell Stephens, TB. $1.00
Dillon Dube, CAL. $0.50
David Kase, PHI. $0.50
David Kampf, CHI. $0.25 $0.25
Devin Shore, DAL. $0.50
Dominik Simon, PIT. $0.25 $0.25
Jujhar Khaira, EDM. $0.25 $0.25
Kalle Kossila, ANA. $0.25 $0.25
Martin Frk, DET. $0.25 $0.25
Tomas Nosek, VGK. $0.25 $0.25
Remi Elie, DAL. $0.25 $0.25
Matthew Highmore, CHI. $0.25
Barclay Goodrow, SJ. $0.25




(drafted this year in RED)

D Adam Boqvist, CHI. $3.00
D Ian Mitchell, CHI. $1.00
D Connor Hobbs, WAS. $0.50
Filip Zadina, DET. $3.00
Jesperi Kotkaniemi, MTL. $3.00

Logan Brown, OTT. $2.50
Brett Howden, TB. $2.50
Klim Kostin, STL. $2.50
Jason Robertson, DAL. $2.50
Kole Lind, VAN. $2.00
Jaret Anderson-Dolan, LAK. $2.00
Dominik Bokk, STL. $2.00
Jeremy Bracco, TOR. $2.00
Jesper Boqvist, NJ. $1.50
Joni Ikonen, MTL. $1.50
Antoine Morand, ANA. $1.50
Vitali Abramov, CLB. $1.00
Jonatan Berggren, DET. $1.00
Jonathan Dahlen, VAN. $0.50
Roope Hintz, DAL. $0.50

2018-19 DRAFT PICKS:

4th Filip Zadina, DET.
9th Jesperi Kotkaniemi, MTL.
10th D Adam Boqvist, CHI.
21st Dominik Bokk, STL.
41st Jonatan Berggren, DET.


2019-20 $68.50
2020-21 $70.00
2021-22 $70.75
2022-23 $66.25
2023-24 $71.50
2024-25 $62.50
2025-26 $62.00


2019-20 OWN 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Shooters 2nd (5 total)
2020-21 OWN 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gothic 1st (5 total)
2021-22 OWN 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gothic 1st, Underdogs 1st (6 total)
2022-23 OWN 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Underdogs 4th (5 total)
2023-24 OWN 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Underdogs 4th, Shoot Loose 4th (6 total)
2024-25 OWN 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (4 total)
2025-26 OWN 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (4 total)


Sep 22nd
D Duncan Keith, CHI. $7.75
Cheap Thieves 4th rd pick 2021-22

To PK Dealers For:
PK Dealers 1st rd pick 2022-23

(Shortstackers also get $1.00 in 2019-20 as per the Keith trade clause)


Sep 23rd
F Patrice Bergeron, BOS. $6.50

To PuckWarfare For:
$2.25 in 2021-22
$2.25 in 2022-23
$2.00 in 2023-24


Nov 21st
F Nicklas Backstrom, WAS. $13.75
D Damon Severson, NJ. $0.75 $0.75
$4.00 in 2019-20

To PuckWarfare For:
F Nico Hischier, NJ. $3.00 $3.00
F Vincent Trotcheck, FLA. $3.75
F Ryan Strome, NYI. $3.75


Nov 21st
$16 in 2019-20

To Magically Delicious For:

$8 in 2024-25
$8 in 2025-26


Sep 22nd

F Sebastian Aho, CAR.
F Mitchell Stephens, TB.
F Dillon Dube, CAL.
F David Kase, PHI.

Oct 14th
D Maxime Lajoie, OTT. ACCEPTED
F Maxime Comtois, ANA. DENIED
F Dominik Kahun, CHI. DENIED
D Jusso Riikola, PIT. DENIED
F Kiefer Sherwood, ANA. DENIED
D Christian Jaros, OTT. ACCEPTED

Oct 21st
F Sheldon Rempal, LAK. DENIED

Oct 28th
F Cooper Marody, EDM DENIED

Nov 21st

F Jesperi Kotkaniemi, MTL.
F Brett Howden, NYR.

F Matthew Highmore, CHI. RELEASED *****
D Chris Bigras, NYR. RELEASED *****
D Alexandre Carrier, NSH RELEASED ***** BUYOUT COST $0.25 2019-20

Dec 2nd
D Lawrence Pilut, BUF DENIED

Sebastian Aho, CAR. 19 6-13-19 12.5
Colin White, OTT 24 7-8-15 11
Dominik Simon, PIT. 21 4-8-12 8
Nicklas Backstrom, WAS. 12 4-6-10 7
Devin Shore, DAL. 17 4-5-9 6.5
Nolan Patrick, PHI. 21 3-4-7 5
Nico Hischier, NJ. 5 2-2-4 3 (9 3-6-9 6)
David Kampf, CHI 12 1-4-5 3
Jujhar Khaira, EDM 11 1-1-2 1.5
Jesperi Kotkaniemi, MTL 13 0-3-3 1.5
Tomas Nosek, VGK 17 1-1-2 1.5
Barclay Goodrow, SJ. 14 1-0-1 1
Ryan Strome, NYR. 3 0-1-1 0.5
Brett Howden, NYR. 8 0-1-1 0.5
Dillon Dube, CAL. 7 0-1-1 0.5
Martin Frk 6 0-0-0 0
Roope Hintz, DAL. 1 0-0-0 0
Remi Elie, BUF. 1 0-0-0 0
Kalle Kossila, ANA 1 0-0-0 0

Erik Gustafsson, CHI. 23 4-7-11 7.5
Damon Severson, NJ. 16 3-8-11 7
Maxime Lajoie, OTT. 20 1-3-4 2.5
Joakim Ryan, SJ. 12 0-3-3 1.5
Mackenzie Weegar, FLA. 17 1-1-2 1.5
Marcus Petterson, ANA. 9 0-1-1 0.5
Christian Jaros, OTT. 13 0-1-1 0.5

BUFFALO 18 53 2.94
CAROLINA 9 27 3.00
FLORIDA 9 41 4.56
NONE 2 10 5.00

Record: 38 6-28-4 16 63 21 131 18.5




Champions League V

20 February 2018 - 02:56 PM

The divisions are set for next year's new format. Should be exciting with lots to play for in terms of promotion and relegation. Prize money will be released in the off season, but it will scale down from the top as usual.

W L OTL T +/- P

BYE: Canadian Gothic 11-4-0-0 44 22
#2S: Shortstackers 7-6-1-1 49.5 16
#3S: Shoot Loose 8-7-0-0 39.5 16
OUT: Underdogs 6-8-0-1 50 13
REL: Whalers 5-9-1-0 42 11


BYE: Swackers 10-4-1-0 50 21
#2S: PK Dealers 8-7-0-0 50.5 16
#3S: Magically Delicious 7-8-0-0 48 14
OUT: The Big M's 6-9-0-0 41.5 12
REL: Red Ravens 6-9-0-0 36.5 12


BYE: Puck Warfare 11-2-2-0 59.5 24
#2S: Winning Combination 10-2-0-3 41 23
#3S: Scarborough Shooters 7-6-0-2 32.5 16
OUT: Steelheads 7-8-0-0 26 14
REL: Mustangs 3-11-1-0 11.5 7

Bottom Feeder-Bonsignore

BYE: Greaseballs 9-6-0-0 42.5 18
#2S: Cheap Thieves 7-6-0-2 15 16
#3S: Screamin' Eagles 6-8-0-1 27.5 13
OUT: Broadway 5-8-0-2 22.5 12
OUT: Ingmen 3-9-0-3 17.5 9

The schedule will be 4 games each against your division, plus one additional game against another division. Elite vs Upper, Lower vs Bottom Feeder for a total of 21 regular season games. Division winner gets a bye in the playoffs, seed #2 plays seed #3 with home ice throughout a best of 3, finals is best of 5. The 4th seed avoids relegation, the 5th seed will be relegated to the lower division (except in bottom feeder.) The winning team in the playoffs will get a promotion (except for Elite.)

Ahl Rules Page

26 December 2017 - 06:26 PM

This is what I had backed up prior to a cleaner and updated version. It will be a live post and continuously edited till we get it right. Feel free to reply with things that you see missing.


Each team in our league will consist of 26 active players (including 3 goaltenders). Goalies consist of one NHL's teams goaltending staff. In addition you may have a farm system of up to 20 players. These players may be acquired by several different means and must be paid for their services (see salaries). You will choose a combination of defensemen, forwards and goalies.

During the season, each team will play games against other teams in the league, based on the league schedule. Games are scheduled when there are 6 or more NHL games played in the same day. (Depending on the NHL's schedule,this may be 7 or more games) These games and how well your player's perform in them will determine the standings and whether or not your team qualifies for post season play or the Reject Cup.

For each game scheduled, you must submit a lineup consisting of 6 forwards, 4 defensemen and 1 goaltender. Failure to submit a lineup on time will result in a fine (see fees) during the regular season and a default during the playoffs. You must submit your lineup one hour before the first game of the day. If you miss the deadline, you will lose the ability to ice an OT player. If you cannot fill your lineup or have no goalies, you will have an empty spot for that game. Your lineup should also include an overtime player. This player will be a player designated from your starting lineup. Lineups should also be listed in shootout order (forwards first, then defensemen). Yes, forwards first (all forwards must be listed before Defensemen) - This is for no particular reason except it makes my life easier. In the event that you finish the game tied with your opponent, your overtime players may determine a winner. In overtime assists are worth the same as goals. Compare the total points of your overtime player with that of your opponents. The team whose overtime player has more points is awarded a goal and wins in overtime. If the game is still tied, then it will go to a shootout. Your 1,2,3 shoot out players will be compared to your opponents - most goals win (each player in the shootout can be awarded no more than 1 goal - ie - he either has scored or hasnt - 3 goals are the same as 1). If after 3 players you are still tied, then it is sudden death among the 4th, then 5th players etc - down to your final player. If the game is still tied then total goals among each teams entire lineup, followed by assists (in same order) then total assists. Teams must fill each spot in their lineup if they have a player available including goalies.

Scoring is based on the lineups you submit. Each goal your team scores is worth 1 while each assist is worth 1/2. Total these and then subtract 1/2 for each goal your goalies allow and you come up with your final score. Compare this total to your opponent's and this will result in either a win, loss, or a tie. Shootout goals do not count towards your total. Shootout goals against will count as 1 (1/2) against your goalie should his team lose the shootout. No goalies will be considered 5 goals against (-2.5).

Players & How to Acquire Them
You may acquire players several different ways. Starting with the free agent draft, you may outbid other owners to come up with a player. During the season, you may pick up a player from the unclaimed pool or you may acquire players though trades or call one up from your minor league system. During the off season, you may only acquire players via a trade or through the yearly entry draft. All teams must have 3 sets of goaltenders.
Entry Draft
This draft is held each year prior to the free agent draft. Only players who have previously been drafted by an NHL team and have fewer than 10 games of NHL experience who has not been a member of any other Alternative League Hockey team qualify to be drafted. The order of the draft will be in reverse order of the previous year's standings.
All non playoff teams will be in a lottery to decide the top 3 picks weighing the teams with the worst records more heavily. The breakdown looks like:
(show percentage breakdown) BOB CAN YOU PROVIDE THIS PLEASE
Each draft will consist of four rounds, with all non playoff teams selecting first. Players acquired in this draft will not be considered part of your roster, Rather they will be in your farm system and will not receive a salary until called up. You may call up a player at any time. However, once he has been called up, he cannot be sent back down. The only exception to this rule is during spring call ups or the first month of the season. At the time of the free agent draft, your minor league roster cannot exceed 20 players. Prior to and afterwards, you may have as many minor leaguers as you wish.

Free-Agent Draft
The free agent draft is held annually. Here you bid on players not currently under contract with another team. The player will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Bids must be in increments of $ 0.25.The final bid on the player will be his salary for the upcoming season. Each owner in turn nominates a player, bidding on each player will continue clockwise with each owner either raising the bid or dropping out. When only one owner remains, that player is awarded to him. In the event that an owner does not attend the free agent draft, no other owner in the pool may draft for him. He may however send a representative to the draft. If he does not attend he must fill his roster within 24 hours of the draft. The draft will start promptly at the scheduled time whether you are there or not!
In order to pick up a player, you must make a waiver request by Sunday 6pm EST. If no other team makes a claim for that player he is yours and you will have to make sure to drop a player or move a player to reserve to make room for the new addition. If more than one owner puts in a claim for the same player, the highest ranking owner on the priority list gets the player and moves to the bottom of the priority list. To start the season, the waiver priority list is set in reverse order of the standings.
(will need to clarify here what happens when you make multiple requests) BOB HELP HERE PLEASE
Any player dropped will not be available to be picked up for a period of 7 days.

Reserve Lists
You may place a player on a reserve list at any time and pick up a player or call up a player from the farm to replace him. A player need not be injured to be placed on the reserve list and he must remain on for a minimum of 7 days. When he comes off, a roster move must be made to make room for him. Reserve list may not exceed 5 players.
Trades may occur between owners at any time. You may trade players, draft picks or cash (pool money) Any trades involving cash is strictly for bidding money only. ie. owner A trades $2 to owner B. Owner B now has $62 to spend on salaries while owner A now has $58. Rosters must be up to date prior to the next scheduled game. Failure to do this will result in the players acquired by the offending team being suspended and any cash/draft picks acquired in the trade being forfeited. Any owner may request a vote on any trade. In this event a closed vote must take place and a majority is needed in order to overturn the trade. Please note: The ONLY reason to request a vote is if you believe owners are in collusion, NOT because you thought it was a bad trade - bad trades are part of sports folks.
Exemption Lists
The exemption list may be used in special circumstances only. To be placed on the exemption list, a player must be:
* Playing in another professional league other than the NHL
* Be holding out from training camp
* Be on the injured reserve of an NHL team.
* Be an unsigned free agent as of the deadline for AHL signings
Any player placed on this list must be under contract. (A free-agent may be signed and then immediately placed on the list if eligible) He must be placed on this list when protected lists are submitted seven days prior to the free agent draft. This player then becomes ineligible for the entire season but does not receive any salary. Any player whose contract expires while he is on this list must be re-signed at an immediate 25% increase in order to remain on the exempt list. Contracts will be considered expired as of the last day of the season. A maximum of 2 players may be on your exempt list. Any player on this list may be included in trades.

Going for Gold
The league has two conferences with two divisions. Each division contains five teams. The playoff format will be as follows:
1. Two division winners will each receive 1st round byes.
2. The non division winning team with the best record will be the #3 seed and play the #6 seed in round 1 with seeds #4 and #5 facing off in a best of seven series in round one.
3. The top seeded division winner will face off against the lowest seed available in round two , while the second highest seed will play the highest seeded team left.
4. The two winning teams will then play each other for the conference championship with the two conference champions meeting in the league finals.
All series will be a best of seven format.
In the event of a tie in the standings, the tie breaker will be as follows:
1. Head to head record
2. Most wins
3. Plus/minus
4. Most goals for

Reject Cup
All teams that don't qualify for the playoffs are entered into the Reject Cup. A total of 8 teams will vie for the Reject Cup in the following manner:
1. The 4th and 5th place team in each division will play a best of seven series.
2. The winner of that series will play the winner of the opposite winner in the conference.
3. Each conference winner will then square off in the finals for the Reject Cup.
All series will be a best of seven format.
In the event of a tie in the standings, the tie breaker will be as follows:
1. Head to head record
2. Most wins
3. Plus/minus
4. Most goals for

Spring Call Ups
Starting at midnight, on the day rosters are frozen, You may increase your roster size by 3 players. These can either be players coming off your reserve list or call ups from your farm system. Any player called up from your farm system is being used for the stretch drive and for playoffs and can be sent back down prior to next season without penalty. Juniors may also be called up following the draft (you must make room on your active roster for them) and may be sent down prior to midnight october 31st. Any junior who is on the active roster after this date may not be sent back down.

The Toews Rule
Any player on your farm can be a Toews rule call up prior to making a selection that would have your farm exceed 20 players. Any forward on your farm team that has 125 or more games of NHL experience at the start of a season is automatically called up immediately after the free agent draft. For defensemen, they must be called up after 150 games. The team with the worst record in the league (and so on) from the previous season gets first option to pick up that player on the first day of waiver wire pickups,

The Aho Rule
Any player that is called up as an NHL rookie (defined as having played 25 or less NHL games) after October and before spring call ups can be signed for two more years at his entry level contract no matter how he does that season. So if you have a 3.00 first round pick, you get two more years at 3.00 with no increase. You are not obligated to sign this player at season’s end to two more years, but if you don’t, he cannot be sent back to the farm and will go into the free agent pool. If a rookie is picked up in the free agent draft or waiver wire, he can also be signed to a two year extension with no increase at season’s end.

The Kovalchuk Rule
Any player taken in the auction who doesn't play an NHL game can't be put on the exempt list the next season.

In the playoffs, you may submit 2nd, 3rd, 4th ....etc. overtime players from your starting lineup. (no shootouts in the playoffs) If the game remains tied after all the overtime players have been used then the win will go to the team who has the most total goals from his starting lineup. If it is still tied, then the team who has the most assists from his starting lineup will be awarded the win. If a tie still remains then we return to the overtime players and count assists as 1/2 instead of 1 (which is the usual overtime procedure). If the game is still tied, then the home team wins. The home team is the higher seeded team in games 1,2,5 and 7.

How to Keep Your Players
Salaries & Contracts
Salaries determine how much a player is worth from year to year. At the free agent draft, a teams total payroll may not exceed $60.00 (unless he has acquired cash via trades.) During the season, your active roster may not exceed $90 or $25 more than your total on draft day, whichever is greater. A players salary is determined several different ways.
1. The amount bid on him at the free agent draft.
2. The increase he receives by signing a new contract.
3. Players chosen in the entry draft receive the following salaries when they are called up:
* First Round:
* Top 10: $3.00
* Top 20: $2.50
* Second Round:
* Top 30: $2.00
* Top 40: $1.50
* Third Round:
* $1.00
* Fourth Round:
* $0.50
In order to keep a player from one year to the next, he must sign a contract. Naturally, the better the player, the more money he will command. In order to sign your player, you must give him a pay increase. This increase will be a percentage of his current salary and is based on how well he performs in the option year of his contract. All players taken in the free agent draft are considered to be in their option year. This performance rating is based on his statistics compiled in the pool not his NHL statistics.
To rate a players performance he first must have played 10 pool games. His pool points per game is calculated and he is ranked against other players at the same position. Goalies are ranked by GAA . Players may be signed from 1 to 3 years (to go into effect in the 2011-12 season, this year it's 1-5).
Players which rank in the last category may only be signed for 1 year. If a player plays fewer than 10 games, his salary increases by 10 % and he may only be signed for 1 year.
All contract increases must in increments of $0.25 and are rounded up. For example, If a players increase is calculated to be $1.51, it will be rounded up to be $1.75
If a player is traded, his contract goes with him.
If you wish to drop a player under contract, you must buy him out for half his remaining salary (of his total contract). This is pool money and will come off your next seasons total.
Salary increases are as follows:
Forwards Rank Defense Rank Goalies Rank 1st Year Increase Subsequent Years Minimum Increase
1 Thru 20 1 Thru 10 1 Thru 5 50% 25% 15% $2.00
21 Thru 50 11 Thru 25 6 Thru 15 40% 20% 10% $1.00
51 Thru 100 26 Thru 50 16 Thru 25 30% 15% 10% $0.50
101 Thru 200 51 Thru 90 26-40 20% NONE NONE
Over 200 Over 90 Over 40 NONE NONE NONE

Franchise Players- each owner can designate one player of their choosing as their franchise player. This allows them to sign them to as many years as they like with the increase being 10% per year after their 3 year contract. The only way to dump a franchise player is to buyout his remaining contract. A franchise player can be traded, but the owner who initially signed that contract cannot sign a new franchise player until that players contract expires or is bought out.

Survivor Tuesdays- Every Tuesday during the regular season the lowest scoring team that night is eliminated until just one team remains. In case of a tie, normal OT and shootout tiebreakers apply

Playoff Pool-

Everyone gets a budget of $50 to spend on a maximum of 8 forwards, 6 defensemen and two goalies for a 16 player maximum roster. You do not have to ice a full roster but you cannot exceed the maximum number of players in any category.
You can spend all $50 on 8 forwards if you choose to. If you choose Sidney Crosby, others can also choose him. He isn't yours exclusively.

The price for each player/goalie will be their contract for the 2016-17 season. If you choose Sidney Crosby that will cost you $15.50 from your budget leaving you with $34.50 to ice the rest of your team.

Goals and assists will count equally as one point. For goalies, each win gets you 2 points, a loss is -1, a series win is 2 points, a series loss is -1. So if Chicago beats St.Louis 4-2 in the first round, Chicago would earn you 8 points. St.Louis would cost you 1 point.

If you choose two goalies, both goalies count in every round as does every forward and defensemen you choose. You choose a team only once prior to the beginning of the first playoff game.

Top 4 point totals make the money.

What's it going to cost me?
* Entry Fee: $150
* Trades: $3.00
* Pickups: $3.00
* Reserves: $3.00
The fine system for missed lineups will be as follows:
1. 1 game = $1
2. 2 games = $5 (total)
3. 3 games = $10 (total)
4. Each subsequent game = $10 for each missed lineup over 3 (ie - 4 missed lineups - total fine = $20, 5 missed lineups = $30 etc)
When you miss a lineup, one will be provided for you in addition to your fine. If you have more than one set of goaltenders available the ones which give up the highest amount of goals on the night will be used.
***I believe this is all changed?***

How Much do I Get?
AHL Champion: $1500
Division Winner
Win a Playoff Round
Make The Playoffs $50
Presidents Cup (Best Record)
Best +/- in Regular Season
Best Forwards
Best Defense
Best Goalies
AHL MVP (Most AHL Points)
AHL Rookie of the Year (Most AHL Points)
Biggest Point Improvement

Reject Cup Champion: $250

Champions League:
Division A Champion $500
Division B Champion $250
Division A Regular Season #1 seed $100
Division B Regular Season #1 seed $50

Survivor Tuesdays:
Champion $500

Playoff Pool
#1 $250
#2 $125
#3 $75
#4 $50

All the money that comes in from entry fees and transactions will go towards league expenses. Including and not limited to:
1. Site maintenance (whatever costs are associated with running the website, etc.)
2. League operators (people doing the legwork, inputting lineups, administrative duties, etc.)
3. Draft Expenses

***************CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CHANGES FOR 2018-19*********

4 divisions of 5 based on +/- in first season then relegation every year after that
-Bottom Feeder
21 game season- play each team 4 times
5 inter division games
Top Seed gets a bye
#2 plays #3 in a best of 3 series with #2 seed winning all ties
#4 seed avoids relegation
#5 seed is relegated
League final is a best of 5 series
Winner of league final is promoted to higher league
Prize money weighted by division from top to bottom, incentivizing teams to avoid relegation and try to move up

Survivor Tuesday

15 December 2017 - 08:02 PM

Survivor IV:

1. Winner is?
2. Feb 12th
3. Feb 5th
4. FRI Feb 1st
5. WED Jan 23rd
6. Jan 15th
7. Jan 8th
8. MON Dec 31st
9. THURS Dec 27th
10. Dec 18th
11. Ingmen (Immunity Puck Puck Warfare)
12. Red Ravens (Immunity Puck Swackers)
13. Scarborough Shooters (Immunity Puck Ingmen)
14. Screamin' Eagles (Immunity Puck Swackers)
15. The Big M's (Immunity Puck Shoot Loose)
16. Steelheads (Immunity Puck Shortstackers)
17. Broadway (Immunity Puck Whalers)
18. Mustangs (Immunity Puck Scarborough Shooters)
19. Cheap Thieves (Immunity Puck Whalers)
20. Magically Delicious (Immunity Puck Puck Warfare)

Survivor III:

1. Mustangs
2. Canadian Gothic
3. Puck Warfare
4. Steelheads
5. PK Dealers
6. Whalers
7. Scarborough Shooters
8. Ingmen
9. Magically Delicious
10. Winning Combination
11. Screamin' Eagles
12. Underdogs
13. Shoot Loose
14. The Big M's
15. Broadway
16. Swackers
17. Red Ravens
18. Cheap Thieves
19. Greaseballs
20. Shortstackers

Survivor II Results:

1. Canadian Gothic
2. Red Ravens
3. Magically Delicious
4. Underdogs
5. Screamin' Eagles
6. Swackers
7. Puck Warfare
8. Cheap Thieves
9. Steelheads
10. The Big M's
11. PK Dealers
12. Whalers
13. Mustangs
14. Broadway
15. Scarborough Shooters
16. Shoot Loose
17. Ingmen
18. Shortstackers
19. Winning Combination
20. Greaseballs

Survivor I results:

1. Scarborough Shooters
2. Cheap Thieves
3. Shortstackers
4. Canadian Gothic
5. Shoot Loose
6. Swackers
7. The Big M's
8. Whalers
9. PuckWarfare
10. Mustangs
11. Underdogs
12. Greaseballs
13. Broadway
14. Winning Combination
15. Steelheads
16. Magically Delicious
17. Screamin' Eagles
18. Red Ravens
19. PK Dealers
20. Ingmen

Shootout Tiebreaker Procedures Apply

Champions League Iv

15 December 2017 - 07:19 PM

Division A:

Canadian Gothic
The Big M's

Division B:

Red Ravens
Shoot Loose
Puck Warfare
PK Dealers
Magically Delicious
Winning Combination
Scarborough Shooters

Out of the League in 2017-18

Screamin' Eagles
Cheap Thieves


Game #1 Oct 7th
Canadian Gothic 4 vs The Big M's 5.5
Steelheads 2 vs Whalers 1.5
Mustangs 4 OT WIN vs Swackers 4
Broadway 2 vs Shortstackers 2.5

Game #2 Oct 14th
Canadian Gothic 0.5 vs Steelheads 5
The Big M's 2.5 vs Whalers 6.5
Mustangs 4 vs Broadway 3
Swackers 8 vs Shortstackers 3.5

Game #3 Oct 17th
Canadian Gothic 2.5 vs Whalers 0
The Big M's 3.5 vs Steelheads 2.5
Mustangs 4.5 vs Shortstackers 3.5
Swackers 6 vs Broadway 4.5

Game #4 Oct 21st
Canadian Gothic 6.5 vs Mustangs 2
The Big M's 3 vs Swackers 4.5
Steelheads 0 vs Broadway 4
Whalers 4 vs Shortstackers 2

Game #5 Oct 24th
Canadian Gothic 2 vs Swackers 1
The Big M's 4.5 vs Mustangs 0
Steelheads 1 vs Shortstackers -1
Whalers 5 vs Broadway -0.5

Game #6 Oct 26th
Canadian Gothic 1.5 vs Broadway 3
The Big M's 0.5 vs Shortstackers 1
Steelheads -1 vs Mustangs 0
Whalers 6.5 vs Swackers 1

Game #7 Oct 28th
Canadian Gothic 1 vs Shortstackers 7
The Big M's 1.5 vs Broadway 0.5
Steelheads 3 vs Swackers 3 TIE
Whalers 10 vs Mustangs 2

Game #8 Nov 2nd
Canadian Gothic 4 OT WIN vs Shortstackers 4
The Big M's 3.5 vs Broadway 0
Steelheads 3.5 vs Swackers 2
Whalers 2 vs Mustangs 1.5

Game #9 Nov 4th
Canadian Gothic 5 vs Broadway 2
The Big M's 7.5 vs Shortstackers 2.5
Steelheads 2.5 vs Mustangs 1
Whalers 4 vs Swackers 6

Game #10 Nov 11th
Canadian Gothic 7 vs Swackers 3
The Big M's 4 vs Mustangs 1.5
Steelheads -2 vs Shortstackers 1.5
Whalers 1 vs Broadway 2

Game #11 Nov 16th
Canadian Gothic 7 vs Mustangs 3.5
The Big M's 1.5 vs Swackers 4.5
Steelheads 2.5 vs Broadway 1
Whalers 6 vs Shortstackers 8.5

Game #12 Nov 18th
Canadian Gothic 5.5 vs Whalers 8
The Big M's 5 vs Steelheads 3
Mustangs 3 vs Shortstackers 5.5
Swackers 1 vs Broadway 2.5

Game #13 Nov 22nd
Canadian Gothic 3.5 vs Steelheads 3.5 TIE
The Big M's -2.5 vs Whalers 4.5
Mustangs 4 vs Broadway 1
Swackers 5.5 vs Shortstackers 4

Game #14 Nov 24th
Canadian Gothic 6 vs The Big M's 3
Steelheads 2.5 vs Whalers 6
Mustangs 2.5 vs Swackers 4
Broadway 4.5 vs Shortstackers 1

Game #15 Nov 25th
Canadian Gothic 1 vs The Big M's 0
Steelheads 2.5 vs Whalers 5
Mustangs 0.5 vs Swackers -0.5
Broadway 0 vs Shortstackers 2.5

Game #16 Dec 2nd
Canadian Gothic 0.5 vs Steelheads 3
The Big M's 4 vs Whalers 0
Mustangs 0.5 vs Broadway -0.5
Swackers 1 vs Shortstackers 5.5

Game #17 Dec 9th
Canadian Gothic 2.5 vs Whalers 1.5
The Big M's 2.5 vs Steelheads 4
Mustangs 1 vs Shortstackers 4
Swackers -0.5 vs Broadway 0

Game #18 Dec 12th
Canadian Gothic 2.5 vs Mustangs 1
The Big M's 4.5 vs Swackers 3.5
Steelheads 0 vs Broadway 0.5
Whalers 1 vs Shortstackers 1 TIE

Game #19 Dec 16th
Canadian Gothic 4 vs Swackers 0.5
The Big M's 2.5 vs Mustangs -0.5
Steelheads 5 vs Shortstackers 7.5
Whalers 2 vs Broadway 2.5

Game #20 Dec 23rd
Canadian Gothic 3.5 vs Broadway 1
The Big M's 1 vs Shortstackers 0.5
Steelheads 0 vs Mustangs 0.5
Whalers 1.5 vs Swackers 3.5

Game #21 Dec 27th
Canadian Gothic 0.5 vs Shortstackers 4
The Big M's 1.5 vs Broadway 2
Steelheads 2.5 vs Swackers 1.5
Whalers 1.5 vs Mustangs 0.5


Game #1 Oct 7th
Red Ravens 1 vs Shoot Loose 4
Puck Warfare 3 vs PK Dealers 2
Underdogs 9 vs Magically Delicious 5.5
Winning Combination-0.5 vs Scarborough Shooters 1.5

Game #2 Oct 14th
Red Ravens 2.5 vs Puck Warfare 3
Shoot Loose 1 vs PK Dealers 4
Underdogs 2 vs Winning Combination 4
Magically Delicious 8 vs Scarborough Shooters 1.5

Game #3 Oct 17th
Red Ravens 5 vs PK Dealers 4.5
Shoot Loose 2 OT WIN vs Puck Warfare 2
Underdogs 0 vs Scarborough Shooters -0.5
Magically Delicious 5.5 vs Winning Combination 0

Game #4 Oct 21st
Red Ravens 3 vs Underdogs -1
Shoot Loose 2.5 vs Magically Delicious 5
Puck Warfare 6.5 vs Winning Combination 5.5
PK Dealers 4 vs Scarborough Shooters 1

Game #5 Oct 24th
Red Ravens 1 vs Magically Delicious -0.5
Shoot Loose 0 vs Underdogs 0.5
Puck Warfare -1.5 vs Scarborough Shooters 1.5
PK Dealers 3 vs Winning Combination 0.5

Game #6 Oct 26th
Red Ravens -0.5 vs Winning Combination 0.5
Shoot Loose 2 vs Scarborough Shooters 4
Puck Warfare 3.5 vs Underdogs 5
PK Dealers 3 vs Magically Delicious 1

Game #7 Oct 28th
Red Ravens 4.5 vs Scarborough Shooters 2
Shoot Loose 3 vs Winning Combination 1
Puck Warfare -1 vs Magically Delicious 0
PK Dealers 1.5 vs Underdogs 1.5 OT WIN

Game #8 Nov 2nd
Red Ravens 0 vs Scarborough Shooters 1.5
Shoot Loose 0 vs Winning Combination 2
Puck Warfare 4 vs Magically Delicious 1
PK Dealers 0.5 vs Underdogs 2

Game #9 Nov 4th
Red Ravens 1.5 vs Winning Combination 1.5 OT WIN
Shoot Loose 8.5 vs Scarborough Shooters 2
Puck Warfare 5 vs Underdogs 5.5
PK Dealers 5 vs Magically Delicious 1

Game #10 Nov 11th
Red Ravens 4 vs Magically Delicious 3.5
Shoot Loose 0 vs Underdogs 2
Puck Warfare -0.5 vs Scarborough Shooters -0.5 OT WIN
PK Dealers 0 vs Winning Combination 0 OT WIN

Game #11 Nov 16th
Red Ravens 2 vs Underdogs 2 TIE
Shoot Loose 3 vs Magically Delicious 2.5
Puck Warfare 2.5 vs Winning Combination 1.5
PK Dealers 3 vs Scarborough Shooters 2.5

Game #12 Nov 18th
Red Ravens 1 vs PK Dealers 2
Shoot Loose 3 vs Puck Warfare 0
Underdogs 0 vs Scarborough Shooters 4
Magically Delicious -1 vs Winning Combination 0

Game #13 Nov 22nd
Red Ravens 2 vs Puck Warfare 2.5
Shoot Loose 2.5 vs PK Dealers 6
Underdogs 2.5 vs Winning Combination 0
Magically Delicious 2 vs Scarborough Shooters 3.5

Game #14 Nov 24th
Red Ravens 1 vs Shoot Loose 4
Puck Warfare 3 vs PK Dealers 2
Underdogs 2 vs Magically Delicious 2 OT WIN
Winning Combination 5 vs Scarborough Shooters 0

Game #15 Nov 25th
Red Ravens 0 vs Shoot Loose 7
Puck Warfare 1 vs PK Dealers 5
Underdogs 3.5 vs Magically Delicious 5
Winning Combination 0.5 vs Scarborough Shooters 1

Game #16 Dec 2nd
Red Ravens 3.5 vs Puck Warfare 2
Shoot Loose 0.5 vs PK Dealers 3
Underdogs 6 vs Winning Combination 4.5
Magically Delicious 3 vs Scarborough Shooters 2.5

Game #17 Dec 9th
Red Ravens 5.5 vs PK Dealers 4.5
Shoot Loose 3 vs Puck Warfare 2
Underdogs 1.5 vs Scarborough Shooters 1.5 OT WIN
Magically Delicious 5.5 vs Winning Combination 1

Game #18 Dec 12th
Red Ravens 2.5 vs Underdogs 3
Shoot Loose 2 vs Magically Delicious 1
Puck Warfare 1 vs Winning Combination 2
PK Dealers 1.5 vs Scarborough Shooters 0.5

Game #19 Dec 16th
Red Ravens 3 vs Magically Delicious 4
Shoot Loose 0.5 vs Underdogs 4
Puck Warfare 3.5 vs Scarborough Shooters -0.5
PK Dealers -0.5 vs Winning Combination 1

Game #20 Dec 23rd
Red Ravens 1.5 vs Winning Combination 4
Shoot Loose 2.5 vs Scarborough Shooters 1
Puck Warfare 2 vs Underdogs 1
PK Dealers -1 vs Magically Delicious 1.5

Game #21 Dec 27th
Red Ravens 4.5 vs Scarborough Shooters -0.5
Shoot Loose 3.5 vs Winning Combination 1
Puck Warfare 3.5 vs Magically Delicious -1.5
PK Dealers 3.5 vs Underdogs 1

Wildcard Game Dec 29th
Whalers 6.5 vs Steelheads 1.5
Puck Warfare 2.5 vs Magically Delicious -0.5

Semi Final Game 1 Jan 2nd
#1 Canadian Gothic 1 vs #4 Whalers 2
#2 The Big M's 0 vs #3 Shortstackers 4.5
#1 Underdogs 4 vs #4 Puck Warfare 5
#2 PK Dealers 3.5 vs #3 Shoot Loose 0

Semi-Final Game 2 Jan 4th
#1 Canadian Gothic 3 vs #4 Whalers 3 (series tied 1-1)
#2 The Big M's 4.5 vs #3 Shortstackers1 (series tied 1-1)
#1 Underdogs 0 vs#4 Puck Warfare 1.5 (Puck Warfare wins 2-0)
#2 PK Dealers -0.5 vs #3 Shoot Loose 2.5 (series tied 1-1)

Sem-Final Game 3 Jan 20th
#1 Canadian Gothic 4.5 vs #4 Whalers 3 (Gothic wins series 2-1)
#2 The Big M's 4 vs #3 Shortstackers 4 (M's win series 2-1)
#2 PK Dealers 5 vs Shoot Loose 3.5 (PK wins series 2-1)

Finals Game 1 Jan 23rd
#1 Canadian Gothic 3.5 vs #2 The Big M's 4
#2 PK Dealers 1 vs #4 Puck Warfare 2.5

Finals Game 2 Jan 25th
#1 Canadian Gothic 2.5 vs #2 The Big M's 0.5
#2 PK Dealers 2 vs #4 Puck Warfare 2

Finals Game 3 Jan 30
#1 Canadian Gothic 2 vs #2 The Big M's -1
#2 PK Dealers 6 vs #4 Puck Warfare 2.5


Division A


1.Canadian Gothic 13-7-0-1 26 70.5
2.The Big M’s 12-9-0-0 24 59
3.Shortstackers 11-8-1-1 24 70.5
4.Whalers 11-9-0-1 23 77.5
5.Steelheads 9-10-0-2 20 45
6.Swackers 8-11-1-1 18 62.5
7.Broadway 9–12-0-0 18 35
8.Mustangs 8–13-0-0 16 37

Division B


1.Underdogs 12-6–2-1 27 38.5
2.PK Dealers 12-7–2-0 26 56.5
3.Shoot Loose 12–9-0-0 24 54.5
4.Puck Warfare 10-9-2-22 47
5.Magically Delicious 10-11-0-0 20 57
6.Winning Combination 10–11-0-0 20 35
7.Red Ravens 8-11-1-1 18 45.5
8.Scarborough Shooters 9–12-0-0 18 29.5