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#3583066 Can We Officially Say Fcp Sucks Now?

Posted leer on 27 February 2013 - 03:43 AM

just wasted 20 minutes of my life going through this thread!!!! AAAHHH!!!!

#3553789 Worlds Worst Blunder

Posted leer on 25 May 2012 - 06:24 PM

im not sure what i was thinking. stupidity maybe?but i just pulled a rounders blunder.I went to a high stakes poker game and placed my entire bankroll on the line in a no limit game.1.5 million USDthe hand that broke me,preflop i make the standard 3 bet raise. im called by 2 playersi had AK spades.flop came Ad Kc 9hthinking i had the best hand, i shoved all in. this is real money. not online.2 players call me, one has me covered. the other was in for 400kwe all turn over our cards.guy 1 has Qd 10dguy 2 has 9d 9cthe turn came Js river 4ci had that sudden sinking filling. that moment in your life why you made this decision.knowing not only did you loose, but horribly. i realized at that point when we turned over the cards. my entire grinding careers was now gone.i dont know why i did this. but i was not pressured or forced in to this.when i lost. the most funny thought that came to mind was, i would have felt better if i were playing phil ivey, and Daniel. and they were the ones i lost to. but instead, i lost to no names.now im left with starting over. i have 1500.00 left.funny thing is, i dont think this was a bad beat. it was major bad play and stupidity. up until this game, i only risked from 5 to 20% of my bankroll.that movie rounders had alot of great points in it. though, this is not one.this is a feeling i have never had before. its like a uforia, a fog. a total loss of direction.now, im left with, do i start over? or do i now get me a job. and start saving up to restart my venture.well, its been fun. ill take a few days off, and decide if i want to start over. or do i want to quit for a while, enter the working force, and save up a 50k bankroll. to start over again.this is my first ever major fail.has anyone else done this?anyhow, ill take this time to reflect on this. get drunk, and then look back at this mistake later. and hopefully learn from it.