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The Unmentionables Over Looshle's Losers

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#1 Naismith


    Perry Friedman: I was planning on reloaded through Naismith

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Posted 30 July 2006 - 09:29 AM

Winning Team: The UnmentionablesWinning Player: NaismithLosing Team: Looshle's LosersLosing Player: GearchestinTime: 24 MinutesThis game was disgusting. There were a few key pots, but it really came down to me only pushing all in when I had a big hand and him not believing me each time. I'm not exactly sure why he kept calling since I only showed strength when I did it. Meanwhile, I did my best to give it back to him by playing ugly, ugly poker. This wasn't a good game at all.Except the result. Final hand:NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $10+$1 (Real Money), #781,584,156Naismith0's Single Table Tournament, 30 Jul 2006 1:23 PM ETSeat 1: Naismith0 ($2,130 in chips)Seat 9: Gearchestin ($870 in chips)ANTES/BLINDSNaismith0 posts blind ($15), Gearchestin posts blind ($30).PRE-FLOPNaismith0 bets $100, Gearchestin calls $85.FLOP [board cards 3H,KH,6C ]Gearchestin checks, Naismith0 checks.TURN [board cards 3H,KH,6C,2S ]Gearchestin checks, Naismith0 bets $100, Gearchestin bets $755 and is all-in, Naismith0 calls $655.RIVER [board cards 3H,KH,6C,2S,3C ]SHOWDOWNGearchestin shows [ 2D,4D ]Naismith0 shows [ 8D,8C ]Naismith0 wins $1,740.

#2 GrinderMJ



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Posted 30 July 2006 - 09:30 AM

Ya, sucks that I messed up all the big pots. I felt like I was winning most of the smaller pots and slowly building, but I kept making bad all in calls. Oh well

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