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what about giang?

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Posted 12 May 2005 - 10:42 PM

I've only seen the notable Ultra High stakes player Chiau (spelling) Giang play poker two or three times total on TV. Maybe not to you, but to me, he is one of the most intimidating poker players I have ever seen. Just the look on him, makes you think that he's like a Super Computer freak that is analyzing every possible situation that could happen with the turn of the card. Recently I just saw him on the WPT (forget the event) but he eventually lost heads up to that 23 year old college graduate, and it was amazing to see that you could actually SEE Chiau flinching in his own chair on national television as if he was having a spasm attack. He knew he made a bad play on his part and he was about to pay for it, in which case he did in the end.Although I'd like to know what Danny's thoughts are on Mr. Giang are, being he is a high class poker player, I think I admire his discipline the most out of anyone (forgive me if I tend to stereotype thinking that having an asian background will give you this habit of being very disciplined). Although I mentioned Giang the most in this article, my favorite player to this day is still Howard Lederer "The Professor". 19 WSOP final table appearances as of 2004, I think that speaks volumes right there.Any comments on any of the players I mentioned?

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