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Poker in London

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 10:07 AM

I just got back into London from being at University and I've managed to play at both these venues for the first time a few days ago before stumbling upon this post.The Grosvenor Vic has NL tournaments on most nights. The ones that I know of are the 30 + 3 re-buy tournaments that are on a Saturday and Sunday afternoons with registration closing at 2:45pm and the tournament starting at 3pm. There is an 80 NL Freezeout on a Thursday night I think but I'm not sure.Last Saturday I went for the first time and there were about 80ish entrants. The first prize was around 2500 and it was self-delt until the final table of 10. I got to 7th and without re-buying and made about 200. It was a great experience to play with - who I found out later - were long time, respected pros. It figured since when I tried to play against this one guy (I think his name was Joe Grech but it could be a different 'Joe') I was stunningly out-played. It's a weirdly good feeling to see that you were out-played by someone and makes a nice break from the mould of being beaten by an untimely card or a person - who in your eyes, lol - doesn't have a clue. It was a good learning tool for me too.The hand of that tournament for me was one of the times he outplayed me but I sucked out on him to remain in. :twisted: I was in the SB with Q :) 6 :) and I called. It was up to 'Joe' and he checked what was later A :) 8 :) . There were three of us in the pot with the player UTG having limped-in with what I found out after the hand to be Q :club: 10 :D.The flop was: A :D Q :D 8 :) .I checked worried about the Ace. Joe checked his two-pair and the player UTG bet out 1000 with his middle-pair. I didn't believe he had an Ace (turned out I was right but I didn't think about the other player involved) so I moved all-in over the top. When 'Joe' then moved in over the top of me I stood up realising that he had been trapping and must have the Ace at least. The initial raiser folded his Q10. Now it was heads up with two cards to come and only one Q left in the deck... and I hit it on the river, lol. I didn't deserve to be in but I won't forget that hand for a long time.The Gutshot Card Club you can join instantly like someone has said in this post already. I joined a few days ago and have played in two tournaments bubbling twice, lol. It's a nice place more suited to my level I think at the moment. In the tournament at the Vic I felt I was the player the table looked at as being a novice and weak whereas when I played here I felt equal (I don't know if that makes any sense but hey). It could be because of the lower priced entry fees of the tournaments I played.Anyway, a very long post just to say that both places are worth visiting. :)

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