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Posted 08 November 2007 - 03:03 PM

hey everyonei know what i'm about to talk about can't be changed... but it's pissing me off and i know i'm not alone in it... can i just vent and feel better here? otherwise i'm wrapping my 9 iron around something... anythingi'm still a bit of a neophyte to the online game.. maybe been taking it seriously for about a year now... and fool that i am, i approach the online arena the same way i would approach a live tablei'm pretty decent... mostly i play 45 man sit n go's on PS (and consistently place in the chips save my odd getting sucked out by the suicide runners.. more on them later)what pisses me off is i struggle and fight my way thru 5 tables of play to make the final table and sure enough there's at least three people sitting out.... their chip count is usually low.... maybe enough for two blinds topsand sure enough, the second these folks "come back" it's to go all in on the blind...(i can appreciate a strategic suckout, don't get me wrong.. i have overbet to protect pots as much as the next guy)i was in a tournament today where, with four tables active.. i was forced into a heads up situation because everyone else at our table was sitting out !!! wtf is that all about ??and whats worse is these little cockroaches, when they win.... go right back to sitting outthis, to me, takes the integrity away from the game....its like steroids in baseball, or oversized goalie equipment and composite sticks in hockey... it messes with the pure fabric of the sporti understand the need for abbreviated sit outs ..really, i have to use the bathroom too.. but to win on the first hand and sit out until deep into the final five (never mind the final table.. some of these pieces of work would rather sit in with less than 1,000 chips until its already a money position, then come out and play)i filed a grievance with PS and got a pleasant, but stock reply to my problem(at one point in the tournament.. i was the only active player at my table.. with the chip lead)i just wanted to vent... i realize PS isnt changing the policy any time soon.... and im thinking it doesnt happen as much in the bigger stakes games ( it may happen, but not as much)like to hear others thoughts herethanks for letting me bitch

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Posted 08 November 2007 - 04:10 PM

There's nothing unethical about playing tight, which is all they are doing. There's nothing unethical about playing to make the money rather than to win.You would rather they wasted time pretending to be thinking about playing the hand and then clicking fold?Why not be happy that you get to steal the blinds with a min-raise *every* hand.

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Posted 08 November 2007 - 06:21 PM

Obviously you are talking about play money, as this never happens in any real money sngs. Anyways, when people sit out, you have an advantage.


and sure enough, the second these folks "come back" it's to go all in on the blind...
What's wrong with this? People shoving blind = easy chip accumulation. You are going to take some bad beats when they do this, but a majority of the time you will win.


and whats worse is these little cockroaches, when they win.... go right back to sitting out
So go back to stealing their blinds, and then hopefully beat them the next time they come back.I really don't understand this post, I would be glad to have half of a final table sitting out.

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Posted 09 November 2007 - 10:16 AM

I don't get why you posted this on this board? What made you post it here? And stop playing play money.
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