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worst bad beat of my life to date

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Posted 11 September 2005 - 08:35 PM

So I was in a $25 buy in tournement with roughly 60 people. I had just won a satellite into it, and I was very excited to play!So we started with 3k chips. Im at about 2,400 chips when this Gem of a hand comes along.I get dealt JJ, someone in first position raises a ton, like 700 they had about the same ammount of chips as me PF. Its folded to me, I have JJ, so I dont want to push just yet, its not that late in the tournement, so I JUST call. I figured id see what the flop was, and re evaluate where I was and what I should do. The flop comes down 6,J,Q with no flush draws. CHA CHING I think to myself. Ill slow play this baby.Obviously I put him on on AQ, AKm POSSIBLY AJ, or a Lower pocket pair than my JJ. He's first to act, so he raises 1000 chips. Awesome I thought to myself. Well he does NOT have QQ, that would just be too convenient, I raise all in. He instantly calls and shows 10,10.I think to myself 10,10? Are you kidding me? No straight draw, no flush draw, nothing, he needed 2 running cards. it looked like I was about to double up and have a large stack! I was so excited that he made such a horrible raise and call!The turn card is of course, a King. Well thats fine, that means he didnt hit one of the 10s that he needed. the river is a 9what?wait....WHAT????HUH? OMFG NO WAY I CANT BELIEVE THAT!!! OMFG HOW THE HELL? RUNNER RUNNER SUCKOUT? HOW could he have POSSIBLY thought his 10,10 was still good!???!!??! Did I play this wrong???

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