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milestone: first $1000 day

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Posted 04 June 2005 - 02:22 PM

elkang said:

This was such a stupid play - I was on tilt (making the wrong move even though I know what the right one is) - not emotionally upset - but this is the stupidest and costliest move of the 5 hr session. I know what the right move is and yet I ignore all the signs. My only defense is I spent less than 10 seconds on the entire hand and was busy concentrating on the other more important games. Also, I'm an idiot.New table... I have zero reads. Yes, I am that stupid to make a play when I have no reads on anyone.***** Hand History for Game 2153921999 *****$100 NL Hold'em - Saturday, June 04, 14:23:10 EDT 2005Table Table 36573 (Real Money)brettal posts small blind [$0.5].AcenRoses posts big blind [$1].yehoodi posts big blind [$1].** Dealing down cards **Dealt to yehoodi [ Jd Ad ]rickmottley folds.ResiGuy folds.soyab folds.PhilipLago folds.yehoodi raises [$3].Victorious_T calls [$4]. <-- already I should realize I could be beat.brettal folds.AcenRoses folds.** Dealing Flop ** [ 6s, 3h, 2s ]yehoodi bets [$4]. <-- not a bad flop if he has high cards - let me see where I am and try to take it down.Victorious_T raises [$12].yehoodi calls [$8]. <--- Mistake - should have folded - I could be drawing near dead.** Dealing Turn ** [ 2c ] yehoodi bets [$15]. <--- bet too small. Only half pot. Needs to be pot sized or greater.Victorious_T calls [$15].** Dealing River ** [ Qc ] <-- with hindsight the only possible good play besides folding would have been to check the turn and then bet big here (pot size).yehoodi bets [$30]. <-- instead i bet half pot again. Idiot!Victorious_T calls [$30]. yehoodi shows [ Jd, Ad ] a pair of twos.Victorious_T shows [ 9s, 9h ] two pairs, nines and twos. <-- all those calls make a lot of sense don't they?Victorious_T wins $120.5 from the main pot with two pairs, nines and twos.Why did I need to contest this pot? I get AJ all the time. The biggest key to a winning player in NL is knowing to let it go. This is how you should play a pair of Queens or maybe tens - NOT AJ. Of course, if I had hit a J or A on the river I could have gotten paid pretty well - but that would make me a drawing a$$ donkey.I have one more crap hand from this session (a piddly 6 hand session) and AK vs AA that I misplayed - though not as badly - with the same guy. I prompty left the table after that and vowed to play correct, which I'm glad to say I did. The AK hand does show a decent move but it also shows how I ignored that the guy had Kings or Aces.
I feel you there with the AJd. I used to do the same thing when I first started playing a lot. I still catch myself doing it on occasion.I also dropped a big pot today with AK vs KK and failed to think he could have AA or KK. I finally checked the river and surrendered a $120 pot orso.I ended the day in the green though, but that mistake cost me about $60 in extra profit I could have saved.JordanScottatXU is my SN on AIM if you ever wanna talk poker or whatever.- Jordan

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