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Looshle's Losers Over Kielbassy Posse

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Posted 18 June 2006 - 09:26 AM

winning team: Looshle's Loserswinning player: Looshle0losing team: Keilbassy Posselosing player: SAM_hard80Time of match: 24 minutesI got off to a quick lead against Sam with no real hands betwwen the both of us at all during the whole match. We had a total of maybe 7-8 hands go to showdown.I chipped away slowly, firing a second bullet on the turn sometimes when I believed he was weak which seemed to work most of the time.I doubled him up with Q9 on an A849 board after he limped on the button and checked the flop with ATs, which I thought was a great play.The last hand we raced off with his JT against my 99 which fortunately held up this time.
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say what?

I don't berate players unless they are donkeys making bad plays

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