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can we have a seperate nl holdem forum?

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Posted 04 June 2005 - 01:59 PM

bascomeb said:

all i can say is this...www.autoplayer2.comNotice how it says it has to be a limit game... Because in limit you don't have to think... Just play ABC Poker :roll:
Oh! One website made a statement.... It MUST be true.... since a website said that, i'm going to have to concede all arguements then. Of course, I can make a website claiming you have sex with horses, but that doesnt make it true does it?You talk about how you make a wrong move in limit and its "just one bet"Its all about finding the smallest edge and exploiting it. Costing yourself 1 bet is a bad move. I dont think you get the difference in stakes between limit and no limit. A 1/2NL game is nothing of the same stakes of 1/2 limit.If you're bankroll is $3000, through proper bankroll management, you should be playing 1/2NL (1500xBB) But with a bankroll of $3000 you'd be playing 5/10 limit, (300 big bets) The winrate between the two limits is about the same.It seems every thread about this, you try and turn into a dick measuring contest.

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