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Interesting Hand From 50k Horse

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Posted 08 August 2008 - 03:47 PM

Hey guys, was browsing through card player and came upon this very interesting hand from the 50k HORSE event described in Andy Bloch's pro analysis blog anyway here is the description:"We just had a huge Hi-Lo Stud hand, often when you get aggressive players at the table and no one has low cards fireworks happen and that is exactly what happened. Erick Lindgren raised with a King up, Phil Ivey reraised with a Queen up and David Singer three bet with a nine. Both Erick and Phil called. Everyone caught low on 4th street but David bet and got both calls. David gets a Ten on 5th street, Ivey catches another low card, so I think he now has four to the low and I think Phil was reraising Erick because he thought Erick was stealing with a King up. They check it around then all hell breaks loose. David catches a nine, Erick has an open pair of 4s and Ivey gets a third low card. Now they get it capped, 60,000 three players. On the river, Erick bets, Ivey calls, David raises, Erick calls, Ivey raises, David raises making it 48,000 and now Erick decides that David Singer has to have at least 9s full, if not four nines. Erick mucks leaving himself with only about 50,000 in chips. Ivey turns over the wheel, Ace-deuce-four in the hole and David Singer shows nines full of tens. So, either he started with 99A and went crazy on 6th street with just three 9s against Phil's made low with a freeroll for the straight. Or David started with 99T and made the boat on 6th street."So I wanted to hear your guys thoughts on this hand, I think both Erick and Phil played the hand well, but David just lost his mind this hand whether he had A99 or T99.

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Posted 09 August 2008 - 05:39 AM

3rd Edog (x x) (K) bet, callIvey (x x) (Q) raises, callSing (x x) (9) 3bet4thEdog (x x) (K) (4) callIvey (x x) (Q) (3) callSing (x x) (9) (L) bet5thE (x x) (K 4 x) checkI (x x) (Q 3 5) checkS (x x) (9 L T) check6thE (x x) (K 4 x 4) bet, capI (x x) (Q 3 5 7) raise, callS (x x) (9 L T 9) 3 bet, call7thE (x x) (K 4 x 4) (x) bet, call, foldI (x x) (Q 3 5 7) (x) call, 3bet, callS (x x) (9 L T 9) (x) raise, capEdog muckedIvey shows A24 Q357 for A2345 lowSinger shows 910A 9Lt9 for 999TT highhope this helps..
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