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Cigar Lovers Over Hc Dukes

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Posted 28 May 2006 - 12:29 PM

Winning for Cigar Lovers: BalloonGuyLosing for HC Dukes: mcpicklTime of match 18 minutesRecap:Big hand that changed the tournament for me:ANTES/BLINDSBalloonGuy posts blind ($10), mcpickl posts blind ($20).PRE-FLOPBalloonGuy bets $40, mcpickl calls $30.FLOP [board cards 8S,2C,3H ]mcpickl checks, BalloonGuy bets $60, mcpickl bets $200, BalloonGuy calls $140.TURN [board cards 8S,2C,3H,5H ]mcpickl bets $300, BalloonGuy bets $820 and is all-in, mcpickl calls $520.RIVER [board cards 8S,2C,3H,5H,7C ]SHOWDOWNBalloonGuy shows [ 2S,2D ]mcpickl shows [ AD,AC ]BalloonGuy wins $2,140.Then I never looked back.Final Hand though had me fading half the deck when I called with 33 PRE-FLOPBalloonGuy bets $60, mcpickl bets $485 and is all-in, BalloonGuy calls $440.FLOP [board cards 7C,9D,JH ]giving him a double belly buster, plus two overcards TWICETURN [board cards 7C,9D,JH,4C ]RIVER [board cards 7C,9D,JH,4C,3C ] SweetSHOWDOWNmcpickl shows [ 10D,KC ]BalloonGuy shows [ 3D,3H ]BalloonGuy wins $1,030.I was card dead early and mcpikl was pounding me, my outflopping his pocket rockets gave me the momentum to carry over. Almost folded the 33, but his chips were low enough to induce my call. Had I lost this I would have looked at the 33 call as the reason I lost. so, was it good?
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