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Playing Bad Poker But Strangely Happy Blog...

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DN, what's up? You used to be my favorite players and a fun guy to listen to in your blog and other media forums, but you have really gone off the deep end. What is going on? You actually sound like a *****. You had a bad run of cards, tilted a bit and pretty much quit playing any real poker. You haven't been the same since your $1.3M loss. You need to get over it. You are making money playing video games and pool? WTF? SERIOUSLY! You sound like a total moron and it looks like you are losing it.All you need is to step down in limits, rebuild your confidence and make some real money playing good old fashioned cash games. You do not seem happy, and I am certain you are losing your fan base (money generating potential for books, TV, your own website, endorsements, etc.) because of your complete apathy towards the game. Just step up and be a man about it. Poker is a grind, but it was what you were born to do as a profession. You are one of the most skilled players in the world and you are throwing it away. See a shrink, take some medications, whatever you need to do, but you need to get things back on track so at least you are semi-interesting to read about again.Please, for your sake and for all of your fans, pick up the pieces and get back on the horse! It's getting bad....
:D Yeah Daniel! Do what this guys says....and QUICK! You've obviously LOST IT MAN! YEAH!....and you haven't had much success at all over the past several months or ANYTHING!, Yeah...that's the ticket! GO Get medicated TOOO!!!! HURRY!!! YEAH...THAT"LL HELP!!!!This obviously is a joke account. KNOCK IT OFF BALLOON! :D:club:
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If I ever make a joke account, it will be a rich elitist snob acting guy.Wait..maybe I am the joke account

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