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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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I haven't read the rest of this thread, but speaking as somebody who now lives in SoCal and has lived in the northeast and the south...do not bring your kids to southern california. My wife and I are almost ready to have kids and I do not want to have them here. We may have them here but by the time the first one is ready to start school I want to move us back to the northeast. Society here is just stupid. Kids here are stupid, and your kids will be stupid by association.

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PS is what we all call the entire Coachella Valley, it's really 9 cities in the whole valley, with about 300K total people spread out in no more than 60K per city. I would guesstiment that the population is 40% Hispanic, 10% gay, average age 45+. A ton of people own second or third homes here so we have alot of wealth here. The Rolls Royce dealership is the largest volume dealership in the country, if not the world.
I have some clients that go there quite often and that number seems low from what they have told me.As far as CA goes I have lived in most areas in NoCal, from Tahoe as a Kid, Greater Scramento area, and now in the Bay Area, and have a lot of friends in So Cal. My favorite place out of all of them as far as wanting to live and raise a family is the Sierra Foothils, North East of Sacramento. Great, not good, But Great Schools, private school will not be needed. There is poker all over the place, no real huge stakes, but if want big stakes you can get to them within a 2 hour drive. PM if you want some info on specific areas and what to expect, but anywhere in that area you are a min 400K for a nice 3/2... and can go up to what ever you want.As far as the real estate goes. over the last 40 years, CA real Estate is up and average up 10% a year, it just trails the stock market over the same period of time, the national average including CA and place like NY City and Palm Beach etc. is 3%. So BG is correct when it comes to CA. But I live in an area where it seems everyone and there grandmother is in real estate and they are dying right now some places have seen a 20% decline this year and foreclosures are popping up everywhere, which would bold well for you if you wanted to make the move now.GL
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