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interpoker opinions sought

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Skill Level - averageCash out - the first time, poor. they send you a PIN and you can't withdraw without the PIN. Once you get the PIN, it took me about 2 days to withdraw to NetTeller.Support - good. someone else has posted about InterPoker on the forum, do a search for their comments.Tournies - didn't play any.I deposited there to take advantage of the $90 bonus. I broke even by the time I'd cleared the bonus. My problem was I didn't have the bankroll to play $1/$2, so I played scared the whole time which is no way to play winning poker.

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I'm a fan of interpoker...i play mostly the 1/2 limit games there, the players are decent, but hte games are definitley beatable. And that $100/month is always a welcom addition to my bankroll (and not to hard to clear either)

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