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TPIWWP(sw)Here's some of the more flattering pix of erica schoenberg that i've found:060423135752500.jpg060421231222500.jpg
These two as a couple would be WAY more believable to me than the 'ol Benyamine ball dating this chick. Unless Benyamine has insane game I can't see her going out with him if he wasn't a gazillionare poker player. I don't know if I'm right or wrong, but it seems to me that most of the average to good looking women in poker (and Vegas in general)have the whole act down to perfection and they can get away with anything they want. Like someone here posted about jennicide being flirtatious at the table and dudes falling for it every time, I haven't played with her ever but I could totally see this being the case, it's pretty gross when a decent looking chick sits at the table with a bunch of fat old dudes throwing creepy *** one-liners at them, the girls usually play along. I think Vegas (and poker) has fcked up my perception of females since I've spent so much time there this past year. I was talking about it with my friend the other day, and we noted it as one of the downsides to living on the strip, you probably won't find any real girlfriend material. It's actually disgusting how many hot girls you see with 50 yr old dudes in poker (or just around the casino), spending so much time there makes you feel like most women are golddiggers, which isn't all true but isn't too far from reality either, in vegas it's just more out there to witness because people seem to have no morals down there. This is not to say that All chicks in poker are fake, but I'd still be suspicious and lean more on the side of caution if a girl poker player was being a little too nice, just look at how many people got screwed by this brandi chick.that said there are some hotter girls in poker than Jennicide, shoenberg being the hottest non celeb player imo, and I'd rank girls like Vanessa Rousso, and Chantel before Jennicide.
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Schoenberg must be pretty in person? She looks like a cross country runner or something. Kinda plain.

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I don't know what that means but it made my pants tighter.
Jennicide is fkn annoying at the table. She has a fake flirt and all the dudes eat it up. She giggles too , so annoying. I had stress fantasy's of whooping her un-attractive airbrushed *** at the wsop this year , but im sure she has a following and I would likely get my *** kicked , so ill keep it in my head.But seriously , if I was any less a man than I am now , id choke the life out of that woman right - in - front - of - jesus .
Consider a labotomy…please.
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