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New Dn Mudslinging Post Over At 2+2

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They posted my address? Sklansky and Malmuth saw that and didn't have it removed? Is this true? As for the OP's post, there is only one shred of truth in it. I did rent my old place from Jennifer and Marco. Almost all of the information is completely off base. For example, I am ahead in cash games over the last two years, albeit in limited play. As for golf losses, he claimed 600K.... it was more than a million in 2006. I lost 600K to one player alone over the summer! Yes, I am officially a golf sucker in every sense of the word, lol. A whale who tries to make fair games. Oh well. As for why I rented rather than bought the old house, I knew that it was going to be a temporary home for me. Also, being a Canadian living in the U.S. I wasn't sure as to the best way to buy a home in Vegas. My mother owns her house in Las Vegas, just five minutes away from me. Apparently she's been winning big at the slots to cover the mortgage :club: As for me owing anybody money, I owe one of my friends $50,000 and another friend $150,000. That's pretty common in "our world" and the reason they haven't been paid is because I haven't seen them. Oh wait, I owe another friend $12,500. There is a significant difference between owing someone money and not having it, and owing someone money that is sitting in your box at the Bellagio or in the bank. I'm not going to go over to 2+2 to reply to the OP's post. I realize that I'm "kind of" doing that here anyway, but I don't plan on getting into a debate with the posters over their about a private matter, such as my finances. His post was so weird? So much of it was like, huh? Why would I be moving into a bigger house if I was broke? As for Kirk, yes, I did have a piece of him (how much is absolutely nobody's business), but what makes no sense is that the OP posted that I staked Kirk in a $25k event, yet was ALSO being staked myself??? Huh? Anyway, I'm done with it. I have loads more I want to say on the subject, but none of it is productive so I'll just leave it alone. The thing is, even if I was completely broke, that's not something I'd even be ashamed of really? I wouldn't lose any sleep over it, and I HAVE been broke before. Many times. It's all part of the learning process. Obviously if I were to go broke now it would be a little more troubling, but it wouldn't destroy me.***************************************************************************************************THE OTHER RUMOR My agent, Brian Balsbaugh talks to lots of companies about potential endorsement deals or sponsorship deals. Half the time, I'm totally unaware of who he is talking to as he is a busy guy that's on the phones a lot. The vague rumor report on pokernews.com has some truth to it. The online poker landscape has changed dramatically since the UIGEA and there is tons of speculation about what the future holds. Recent news is actually rather promising as there seems to be more of an effort to make this an issue in Washington.
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Damn, are you guys serious? I'm just about to ask DN for a loan, now i've no hope at all???? :club: Is always amazing how people try to make things up to try to hurt other people feelings. But I think DN doesn't really care about what they said anyway. As long as he knows what's going on. Anyway, I've a better inside story about all poker players in the world. They are all from the same gang just using poker to laundry their dirty money, and their big boss is.......of coz.....the god father of poker doyle :D and DN is his left hd man :D

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To totally hijack the thread:You should try to play more than just one day at High Stakes Poker. Yes, I know that it's easy for me to ask that because all I get is entertainment value and you are the one risking hundreds of thousands of dollars, but it's just so darn much fun to watch you on HSP.And, hey, maybe you could say some FCP forum "catch phrase" akin to when Barry said "lol donkaments" for 2+2 or whatever. I'm not sure what it would be, though. Come on. I'm just kidding, do whatever you like (obviously). End blatant hijack.

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