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Poker Rooms In North Carolina

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I'm moving to Raleigh, North Carolina in less than a month and am looking for a club to play cards like I have in CT. I'm looking for a 1-2 NL, 2-5 NL and/or 5-5 NL cash games and tournaments as well. Please contact me at buckmustang19@yahoo.com if you know any card rooms or private poker clubs.

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poker is illegal in North Carolina. Not illegal to play online, and there is an aweful version of "harrahs" out in the western part (slots only). But poker clubs are illegal, i.e. there aren't any down here. I live just south of Raleigh, and your live poker options are basically Florida, or Jersey. I don't think there are any poker clubs in between on the East Coast, at least none that I've found, and I've been down here now about 5 years.

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