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When Ivey Lost that big hand against PA...and that Gator dude talking about winning it back on the golf course during the hand...was that before or after the 1.8 mill golf game between Ivey and Ram...and probably that Gator dude was a friend of Rams and was teasing Ivey ...THATS WHY IVEY LEFT AND DIDNT COME BACK>>OHHHHHHHHHH

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I guess i better reply to this post.First lets clear up i have no history with Phil Ivey and i regard him as one of the best in the world.I was playing 300/600 Omaha cash game in the poker room when Matusow and Benyamine left the Full Tilt high stakes cash game.I was asked if i would like to play at 11.30pm, i said okay.All ready i had a 2-3 drinks which i always do when i play cash.When i arrived upstairs the atmosphere was like a funeral was in place.It was still a cash game not a tournament.On the turn Phil bet approx 45k on the turn leving him with 72k+ and a 215k pot in the middle.I got up walked over to get a bottle of water and when i sat down Antonius had moved all in.Phil is a superstar and he knew in the first 10 seconds what he was going to do.I actually thought he had a reasonable strong hand and would call getting almost 3/1 on his money.Phil can win or lose 1 million dollars on a round of golf or Baccarat so 72k to Phil is like $72 to most of us.It was never my intention to upset Phil but to make the atmosphere more casual.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2DdJu9fwfw&NR=1Phil won over 1.4 million in one day at the Capital golf course during the Aussie Millions.It was a pleasure playing in the cash game and for the record i lost just over $15,000.It was also a pleasure playing with Patrich Antonius who is just a gun player.The best i have played against since Stu Ungar.Anyway Phil Ivey if i did upset you i make a public apology.Blly The Croc
http://www.pokernetwork.com/Nnoticeboard_r...p;currentPage=2People on the forum "The Croc" posts occasionally was beating up on him about it, and he responded.
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