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Yeah, I'm still lurking around...though once in a blue moon someone at the casino will recognize me which I think is pretty neat. It's better if no one at the table knows me though.For those interested, I got a job recently! :club: So weekdays now comprise of commuting, working, eating, and then sleeping. Not much time for anything else. Internet and TV time has gone down though I found video gaming to go up...On weekends I've been going to the casino lately and basically just catching up on sleep and rest.I've also played in two small live buy-in tournies with my new found wealth. Well they are actually quite high for me, but I tell myself I can spoil myself since I found a job. :)My first tourney, I think I played really well, didn't think I made any major mistakes, had an average stack, then had a bad beat for all my chips.My second tourney, I played poorly in the beginning, sucked out, and from there played ok/good but made a few mistakes. I certainly caught the right hands/flops at the right time though. So in essence, I got lucky. I managed to cash but they withheld 30% of my winnings (this was at a US casino). So has anyone (anyone being Canadians) had the winnings withheld and get it back? If so could you outline the process?
Good to hear from you and nice to hear you found employment. Is MATH involved? , lol.Continued success to you in life and poker. Maybe see you around again sometime, next years WSOP?
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