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My "reply" screen says "Attachment space used 499.08K of 500K"It always says that. So I can't add an attachment, because my space is all used up. Been that way for years.Mod - Fix it.
You can only use that much bandwidth. Go delete your old attachments in your Control Panel somewhere.
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Taking Jin to his first NHL game Sunday. Seats close to the glass and I get to see McDavid. Probably the last game I see at The Joe.

I want Subban to win all the Norrises now.

vezina NOMINATION for Dev. **** yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. Going to vegas in June

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Hey Serge, check the edits I made to your post.I went to the Photobucket link and picked the URL for the "Direct Link" in the bottom left, and copied and pasted it into IMG tags. Check the edit post option to see how I did that part.The first part was a dynamic URL, so it wouldn't work as a picture.

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My fav serge pic!hhoffcp.jpg
damn, where was Pez this winter? now its spring/summer, and we'll never see him again.cool pic.Wayne, thats a pretty funny story. And....I gotta admit, Im pretty suprised AO has a personalized plate. Just asking for trouble!Serge, cool pic. I dont know why, I assumed it was at the Leafs, and he was pulling a Daddy-like, "LEAFS RULE!!!"
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Worst parking job of all time.
I live my life by the assumption that you can tell a lot about a person based off of how they park.
OV = self centred
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