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Which Of These Iconic Film Anti-heroes Would You Like To See In A Prequel?


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  1. 1. Which of these iconic film anti-heroes would you like to see in a prequel?

    • Patrick Bateman ? American Psycho
    • Rick Deckard ? Blade Runner
    • John Constantine - Constantine
    • Snake Plissken ? Escape from New York
    • Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride ? The Kill Bill Movies
    • The Man with No Name ? The Sergio Leone Trilogy
    • Captain Jack Sparrow ? The Pirates of the Caribbean Movies
    • Richard B. Riddick ? The Pitch Black Movies
    • León ? The Professional
    • Jules & Vincent ? Pulp Fiction
    • Jigsaw ? The Saw Movies
    • Marv & Dwight ? Sin City
    • Han Solo ? The Original Star Wars Trilogy
    • William "Bill" Munny ? Unforgiven
    • Logan/Wolverine ? The X-Men Movies
    • Eric Lensherr/Magneto ? The X-Men Movies

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Agreed that it wouldn't work to do a prequel with Travis Bickle. Also, the prequel to Leon wouldn't work for me either. A lot of what is great about that film is that Leon is having an experience that he has never had before in his personal relationship with the girl - a prequel to Leon would be a pretty standard hitman movie - just wouldn't live up to the original. Also, the Sergio Leone movies are a trilogy that really don't need to be f'd with. So, probably the American Psycho prequel. But, not on the list - I think a prequel to Kill Bill, but not with The Bride. It should follow Carradine's character Bill and his rise to power and the assembling of his team.

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it would be awesome to see a magneto movie. at the beginning of the first x-men, a young magneto was being held back while his parents were being murdered by the nazis in a concentration camp. seeing how his life transformed after this would be awesome.
http://imdb.com/title/tt0499519/Yes. That's right. I have a semi as well.
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