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  • 1 year later...

Every little while this is a great thread to bump..


When we first started Adrian was two..Now Mateo is 2 and is saying hockey..


Everytime he sees hockey on TV "Adrian Hockey"..Its so cool...


Hockey season is going to be epic this year...Adrian playing AA will have us at a rink 3 or 4 times a week...Then the Leafs will start...Summer after a while gets boring..Especially August when the most exciting pending news is contract talks with Cody Franson and where will Grabovski skate this year.


Today Adrian is at a goalie camp, tuning his skills for the upcoming season...I think I mentioned earlier he did take a class with this guy earlier....




Stanley cup winning , 20 year in the NHL assistant..Great guy..I am hoping he will bring his Stanley CUp ring one of these days so Adrian can see it.


Father of Leaf Landon Wilson as well..


Its a little scary that he is going from TYKE B hockey to NOVICE AA...Basically jumping 3 levels..BUt its going to be a fun year...

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  • 3 weeks later...

All the Crush flavors are lite now.


yup its awesome..


i love orange A LOT..I hate grape..Grape is the yuck

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  • 5 months later...

I read through this thread again...its a good nostalgic one


So today I returned my BMW the lease is up and its gone back....I almost had to ride the bus and actually texted Zach with some questions..like how much does it cost? lol apparently its $3...That seems a bit steep...


so we are a one car family now, until next week, when my new car arrives..I got a nice Honda Accord Touring edition..nice bells and whistles.


we are a Honda family now with te Accord and the Odyssey..


The Bmw wasnt all that great...gave me some problems, and the High end Accord is actually a better car than the low end BMW imo....If i get another bmw, it will be a 5 series for sure..not the 3 series..


so now the challenges of having one vehicle for a few days are there..they dropped me off at my office with the courtesy shuttle....my wife will pick me up in the afternoon..tomorrow we will manage as i drop her and the kids off...its a challenge, but its manageable...can we manage one car long term? possibly...but its a big hassle for sure.

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The best BMW is the 6 series, IMO.

The best BMW is the 6 series, IMO.


ya those are really cool cars..expensive too

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My dad had a Z3 for a while. I drove it a couple times, but it's manual, and I never really learned how to drive stick, lol.

Stick is the best way to drive. I learned the hard way. Got a Mustang and it was stick when I was 18. Never drove a stick until then. Maybe stalled twice and that was all.
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