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Who's the father? Is it that two-timing Hang? That son-of-a-bitch told me he loved ME! Now he's out getting you preggo. What about Kelly? How does she feel about this?

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Thanks, but I think we knew that.If anyone was unsure.......no pregnant woman says, "We decided to keep IT anyway", if you've just figured out that you are pregnant and already have swollen ankles you haven't been keeping close track of your periods, and the 14 month old ultrasound might have been dead giveaways. :club:
QFT:P(this thread is a riot)
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All the best for you and your baby... :D
Aww thank you sweetie.
I could be wrong, but ..... if this is your wife/girlfriend/grade school teacher/mother then maybe you shouldn't have posted the picture. It looks like her name is Kelly with her SSN listed on the top of the picture. Amazing what people can do now a days with a SSN.Otherwise good joke...RegardsErasa
I feel like it shouldn't be a secret anymore. Anyone who knows me knows that my life partner is in fact a highly successful pop artist named "Kelly C". If you need more clarification, you're an idiot. Also, if you take some letters out of the word idiot, and add an "L" it makes i-d-o-l. JS
and the 14 month old ultrasound might have been dead giveaways. :club:
Well, as RonMexico will tell you, being a larger gentleman affords more room in one's insides. I figured the baby could afford to stay in a bit longer. I'm just trying to protect my kid from the life of judgement and skepticism it will face OK!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE NICE ONE AROUND HERE YOU CUNT!!!:sobbing hysterically:I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Really.Can you do me a huge favor?Run out to 711 and pick me up some BBQ potato chips, Cherry Garcia ice cream, one of those buffalo chicken taquito things, a cup of coffee, a 2 liter grape soda, and a Full Throttle energy drink? Thanks girlfriend. I don't know how I'd survive without you.:sobs:
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aaaaaaand scene!Thanks to all who contributed to this dress rehearsal of ChinkDude Gets Knocked Up by Pop Star. It's been quite a journey, but I'm going to let this thread die before I ruin it. Special thanks to any and all ghost writers involved, and the people who contributed to the funny. However, this exchange topped it all. I almost wish this thread ended here.

Def hopin this is a jokelol, ya
Me too. I hate to think of people that stupid reproducing ... but I know it happens.
Goodnight Broadway.
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