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Just Met Daniel At Shooting Stars..

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I can't believe that I missed this thread the first time around.Once again DN shows that he is a class act (and that he has a slightly perverse sense of humor :club: ).How cool that General got to meet him.James D.......that post was hilarious !

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Hey man, seriously, you were there, that place is like a zoo! The breaks are 15 minutes long. You take a quick bathroom break (if you can get there), and then get bombarded in every direction with pictures and autographs. Trust me, if it happened to you, you'd understand what I'm talking about. Sorry I didn't give you more time dude, but it's extremely difficult to pay attention to 30 plus people, all at the same time.
Daniel's chill when i met him. He even came out to joke about a bet on made on him finishing top 10 in the poy race. Good going daniel, costing me 100 bucks. jk
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