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Sunday Million Fcpers

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Hey, I'm curious about where these guys are, so I'm gonna go and find 'em in the Sunday Millions right now... stay tuned.Can't find Baxter (moneyinbags) - did he not join this one?Whoever is in, respond once, and I'll centralize the figures in the original post, and update them as much as possible for everybody.Sorry to hear about that TB17. Sucks.Found Qyayqi on table 413 with just over 12K in chips.Tremomey's on table 740 with what now looks like over 37K. Last big hand KK > AK all in.

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if it'd been me & the AK guy i'd be doubled. hucking fell, i can't buy a damn board on here. Pots won at showdown - 0 of 3 (0%) Pots won without showdown - 11

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